Would you like to experience Rafting? Discover our recommended activities around the Rusutsu & Niseko area!

Rafting down the Shiribetsu River is one of the most popular Green Season activities in the Rusutsu and Niseko region. Rafting can be experienced here at Rusutsu Resort from late-April to late-October every year. From early-June to late-October Elementary school students can join this activity when the river is calmer. Also, early-summer to fall is a great time for families to enjoy rafting together. The convenient river base is located next to the rafting course and features a handy dressing room.

Sign up at the reception desk conveniently located within Rusutsu Resort before heading to the river.

Meet at the activity desk in Rusutsu Resort. All you need is a change of clothes and a towel. You will then be taken to the River Base via Bus. (20-30 minute journey)

The River Base is located very close to the starting point of the rafting.

When you arrive at River Base, Change into a sweatshirt or swimsuit in the men’s and women’s changing rooms, and listen to your guide’s greetings and explanations.


The following is the recommended clothing for rafting.
Shoes (Rental sizes 15-32cm available) must be fitted with special water shoes and wear a life jacket and helmet.

・Spring to Autumn: Wear a t-shirt and shorts inside your dry-suit or a fleece top and bottom or a sweatshirt depending on the temperature.
・Extremely hot day in August: T-shirts and shorts will be worn over a swimsuit. We don’t wear dry suits.

Please note that denim clothing and pants are not permitted. If you are wearing glasses, remove them or use a glasses strap. If you are using contact lenses, consider using disposable contact lenses just in case.


There are multiple sizes of dry suits available, designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes.


Our friendly guides will help you put on your dry-suit.


When you put it on, squat down with your hands around your neck to let the air out of the drysuit.


Put on your special shoes, a life jacket, and helmet, and you’re ready to go! Finally, we head to the river.

Let’s Go to the Shiribetsu River!

It’s only a couple of minutes’ walk from River Base to the rafting start point. We all head to the riverside with our rafts ready to start rafting.


First, we will get used to the river water. If we all get in the river together, we won’t be afraid! You can float because you are wearing a life jacket.


Once you’ve acclimatized to the river water, we’ll all get in the boat and head out on a river rafting adventure!

Capsize? Dive? Be a kid again and play in the river.

The rafting course is on the Shiribetsu River, a first-class river which flows around Mount Yotei and into the Sea of Japan. It is a very clear, natural river that is home to rare fish called the Japanese huchen.


Rafting is more than just floating down the river. You can jump into the river in an exhilarating way, maneuvering the boat through the river currents waves, and exciting rapids.


Run the rapids! Experience the white water thrill

Certain sections of the course feature exciting rapids which can create waves and white-water. Hold on tight and enjoy as the raft moves through this thrilling zone.


Paddle hard in a fast-flowing stream for more acceleration. The river splashes relentlessly on the boat as it rocks violently back and forth.


Everyone was worried about whether they would get wet when rafting. As you can see, you will get soaked! We’re wearing a dry suit, we rarely get water inside, but face and hair will be quite wet.

Jump into the river!

There is more to the fun than just splashing around in the raft or swimming in the river. Let’s take a break during the rafting course to jump into the river!


Landing on the riverbank, jump into the river from a stack of rafts placed on a rocky outcrop. It creates a surprisingly high but safe jump. Conjure up the courage to jump in and make a huge splash. Once you try the jump, you will want to do it again and again. This thrill is creating an unforgettable experience.


Despite getting soaking wet, nothing will replace the fun and excitement of rafting. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a fun, safe river experience with friends and family.


The rafting course goal is approximately 7km downriver. Once the rafting is over we will transport you back to the River Base via microbus.

Pictures are available! A perfect souvenir to remember your experience.

Once back at the River Base, photos of your group’s rafting experience will be streaming on the monitor. Guests can purchase a micro SD card containing the photo data. Why not take home special memories of your rafting adventure?


Customers can also choose from a selection of special packages, including a rafting combo with lunch & Hot spring package or rafting combo with BBQ & Hot spring. Furthermore, we provide summer vacation limited offer “Family River Trip”, it can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from child to grandparents. Rafting is one of the best activities to enjoy the nature of Hokkaido. We look forward to welcoming you all.


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