Rusutsu’s flowers begin to bloom in the spring weather. This colourful display marks the start of the spectacular Green Season.

After a long snowy winter, the temperature gradually increases, providing warm sunny days to enjoy. As Rusutsu is situated at an elevated altitude, it takes longer for the seasons to change and the temperature to rise. Typically the warm sunny weather arrives from mid-May; vivid displays of colour from the blossoming flowers, lush greenery, and blue skies make spring the most colourful time of the year in Rusutsu.

Speaking of spring flowers…

Speaking of spring flowers, aren’t the famous Sakura cherry blossom displays visible in spring? At Rusutsu, numerous varieties of cherry blossom trees are planted across the vast 820-hectare resort. Lucky golfers playing on the Tower Course will see several Sakura trees planted along its fairways. While guests staying at The Westin Rusutsu Resort can enjoy spectacular aerial views of the cherry blossoms on the Tower Course from certain rooms.


In the amusement park, `Somei Yoshino` Cherry Trees bloom in springtime, creating a spectacular display. These blossoms are characterized by their soft, subtle pink colours. Although these trees are not numerous, the stark contrast between the delicate flowers pink and vibrant amusement park creates unique views.


Take a leisurely walk around the resort, and you will find many spectacular sights like this. If you have time, we recommend exploring the resort to discover the spring floral displays and lush scenery.

Bright Tulip displays to make you smile

Vivid, colourful Tulip displays fill the resort with colour during spring. At the resort, main entrance under the Rusutsu entrance sign, a large field of Tulips greets guests with bright red, white, yellow and pink flowers, is visible from a distance.


The amusement park is packed full of vivid tulip displays, with over 12,000 Tulips blooming every spring, in addition to numerous other plants. When exploring the amusement park, you will be amazed by the stunning sight of colourful tulips in full bloom. Why not grab your camera and create stunning spring pictures?


To create this colourful landscape where multiple colours of Tulip all flower simultaneously, the same variety of Tulip is required. If multiple variety of Tulips are used the tulips will all flower at different times. For 2021 the planting method was enhanced to ensure the same variety of tulips were planted to guarantee they all flower at the same time. Despite being the same variety the Tulips flower in 6 vivid colours creating spectacular floral displays.

Over 20,000 Daffodils! Enjoy the fresh, floral fragrance

Next, we will introduce Rusutsu’s Daffodils. Neatly arranged in well-maintained flower beds adjacent to the armament park and running along the edges of the lawns these flowers are continuously associated with spring-time. The bright yellow flowers contrasted against the lush green grass creates a spectacular spring view.


If you look closely, you can see the daffodils are not identical in shape or colouring. A total of eight different daffodil varieties are planted creating subtle differences between each flower. Look closely to see the differences in shape, colour and fragrance.


Under the popular `Hurricane` rollercoaster, there are a large number of daffodils flowering in the springtime. Due to the fast speeds of the ride, it might be hard to view when riding the rollercoaster, but we recommend guests take a walk around this ride for a spectacular springtime floral display. With over 20,000 daffodils flowering in the resort during springtime, it’s a beautiful season to visit with bright, colourful displays and floral aromas.

Spring is spectacular at Rusutsu Resort, but you can enjoy floral displays throughout the Green Season

Rusutsu’s landscaping and gardening team work tirelessly to create lush, natural environments covered with flowers, trees and greenery. A year-round planting schedule has been created to ensure guests can view seasonal floral displays throughout the Green Season. Below is a schedule of the upcoming seasonal flora.


June: Lavender + Paint Flowerbed (Begonia + Marigold)


July-August: Mini Sunflower + Annabel

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting tourism, the resort staff are still working tirelessly to cultivate beautiful flowers throughout the Green Season. Each unique season will see vibrant seasonal flowers as scheduled. Summer in Hokkaido is short so make sure to schedule a visit to experience the vivid floral displays, here at Rusutsu Resort.