Rusutsu Resort’s 40th Anniversary! Exploring the story behind the amusement parks 10 most iconic rides – Part 2

This is the second part of the blog that focuses on the Rusutsu Amusement Park. This is the inside story from our dedicated staff. Discover interesting and entertaining stories from the amusement parks history and major attractions.

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Inside story 6| Japan’s largest classic loop the loop roller coaster

The ‘Loop the Loop’ ride is a popular rollercoaster where cars travel both forwards and backwards around a large looping track at speeds of around 90KM per hour. This popular attraction has been a hit with guests since it was introduced. The Loop the Loop ride is currently Japan’s largest looping rollercoaster, with a loop diameter of approximately 25 meters. If you’re feeling brave, turn your head to the side when on the ride for an incredible inverted view of the resort.


Another interesting fact, due to the height of this ride, it has been equipped with lightning conductors for safety. Regularly, staff are required to climb to the top of the ride to inspect the lightning conductors to check for any irregularities. The highest section of track is a dizzying 45 meters above the ground! In recent years a pair of crows have created a nest on one of the highest sections, with some staff reporting being attacked by the crows while conducting their inspection. Being attacked by crows 45 meters above the ground might be even scarier than the ride itself.

Inside story 7 | The cycle monorail track direction has been reversed since it was originally installed. This is because…

The cycle monorail is a ride where guests peddle around an aerial track offering views over the park. When originally installed, guests peddled around the track, in a clockwise direction. As this was one of the original rides, when installed, there were few other attractions located around the track and the trees were low. Surprisingly, drivers on the adjacent main road got a good view of the riders above the road. In some instances, guests wearing skirts were concerned due to the elevated track position in relation to the traffic below. To eliminate this concern, the track direction was reversed. Now all guests can ride with confidence without having to worry about motorists.

Inside story 8 | Sky Trail – which recently debuted in Japan a few years ago

Sky Trail is one of the largest aerial adventure trails in Japan. This attraction took Rusutsu staff over 1 month to assemble. While assembling the attraction staff hoped this would be the first adventure trail of its type in Japan. However, while conducting the final stages of the set- up and preparing to open, staff learned that another sky trail had just opened in Honshu days before the Rusutsu one was scheduled to debut. While unfortunately, Rusutsu’s Sky Trail is not the first ride of its type in Japan, it’s definitely the first Sky Trail here in Hokkaido.


In the winter season, it is essential for staff to remove snow from this attraction. At the height of the winter season, the snow base can reach up to the first level of the course. It’s easy for staff to remove snow with a broom from the first level of the sky trail, however, removing snow from the upper levels can become scary as the snow must be removed by hand from the attraction.

Inside story 9 |The Go-Go Sneaker ride

The Go-Go Sneaker ride has bright colourful sneaker-shaped cars. If you look closely while the cars are in the ‘waiting position’ a series of red lights can be seen focusing on the lower sneaker sole section of the car. These red lights are very important.


Certain attractions and rides are sensitive to temperature. At Rusutsu, the Hurricane, Mad Mouse, and Go-Go Sneaker rides must be temporarily suspended for safety reasons if the temperature is too low. Special infrared lights generate heat, which warms the wheels and rubber parts of the cars. This ensures the rubber parts of the wheels and cars do not become hard and brittle due to cold weather. These lights help the ride function safely when the temperatures are low. You may notice the opening schedule of these rides may be affected by the temperature and seasonality.

Inside story 10 | Octopus Monster ride specially customized to improve child safety and comfort

The original specification for this octopus-type attraction saw both the octopus legs and passenger car both moving and spinning in a clockwise direction. This creates a thrilling ride but also results in strong centrifugal forces as the ride spins. At Rusutsu, it was decided this might be a little too intense for young children. The Rusutsu octopus monster ride has been customized, so the octopus tentacles now spin counter-clockwise while the passenger cars spin clockwise. This helps to reduce the centrifugal forces. This customisation allows children to enjoy this ride without worrying about strong forces. Also, for 2021, the Octopus Monsters face has been re-painted ready to welcome customers.

We hope the amusement park will be even more fun now you know the inside story.

We learned these interesting facts and unique stories from talking to our dedicated amusement park staff. We hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes story and unusual facts from our team. Every day the Rusutsu amusement park staff work hard to safely maintain and operate all rides for guests to enjoy.

The Rusutsu Resort Amusement Park will resume operations from 23/6/2021
We look forward to welcoming you to Rusutsu!

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