This season, enjoy harvesting fresh corn and making your own pizza

From Saturday 28th, August to Sunday 19th, September 2021, it’s the season to harvest corn. We are offering a special farm experience where guests can harvest and taste freshly picked corn and create their own pizza. Here is a brief introduction of this seasonal corn harvesting and pizza making activity.

The Corn Field

First, meet the activity staff before traveling to the expansive corn fields ready to start the harvest.

Searching for the best corn

Experienced staff will teach you how to identify and pick the most deliciously sweet corn.

There are a number of corn plants but only the best ones are harvested in this activity. The tallest plants tend to produce the sweetest and most delicious tasting corn. Typically, the lower corn does not taste as sweet. This is normally the corn found in the supermarkets.

Once the thin strands are black and swollen, the corn is ready to eat. To harvest the corn, first grasp the root with your left hand and snap it firmly downwards with your right hand. Harvesting fresh corn is easy and requires minimum effort.

Once the harvest is complete we will take some photos in the field before moving to the green house where the pizza oven is located.

Harvesting seasonal vegetables

Here, our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the seasonal vegetables which ready to be harvested.

Harvest fresh vegetables for the pizza topping. Remember to cut the vegetables into small pieces suitable for the pizza.

Pizza dough is rolled out and topped with a speciality sauce and freshly harvested vegetables. The delicious pizza sauce is created by the skilled hotel chef.

A pizza topped with fresh picked corn is recommended. After tasting the freshly picked corn why not add to your pizza for a delicious topping.

Carefully place the pizza into the traditional pizza oven and remember to pay close attention as it cooks. Make sure you rotate your pizza to prevent it burning and it will be ready in just 3-5 minutes.

Now the pizza is ready! Freshly baked pizza with handmade dough topped with freshly picked vegetables is sure to be a satisfying and delicious meal.

On this day, the surplus vegetables were grilled with cheese.

Crispy steamed and baked corn

The surplus freshly harvest corn is boiled in the husk to create a delicious flavour as the corn becomes both steamed and baked while protected by the husk. This creates delicious juicy corn. Please take care not to burn your hands and mouth. Gloves will be provided.

Although the corn harvesting season is short, freshly picked corn is very special seasonal experience. Why not try this activity and taste the freshly picked corn surrounded by Hokkaido’s stunning scenery?

Vegetable Harvesting and pizza making (weekends only)