New "Kamakura Sauna" Activity now available!

New this season, enjoy our “Tent Sauna & Kamakura Outdoor Air Bath. This is a new experience is unique to snowy environments, in the middle of winter. In this blog, we will report on the sauna experience and highlight the key features not to be missed.

Reception is in the “Owners” room on the 1st floor of The Westin Rusutsu Resort.

Firstly, please register at the “Owners” on the ground floor of The Westin Rusutsu Resort, to pick up your special sauna clothing, towel. Next its time to visit the changing room of the Westin onsen on the first floor. Next guests will head out of the hotel and head towards the Snow Activity Land. As the winter temperatures can be low we recommend wearing your coat.

A tent sauna from the Russian sauna brand ‘TERMA’

Now it’s time to visit our wood-burning tent sauna. The sauna tent is made by the Russian sauna brand TERMA and is comprised of 3 layers of insulating fabric. This means the temperature inside the tent can reach up to 120°C. The tent is specially designed to allow users to enjoy a hot sauna even in the cold Siberian winter, when the temperature outside is -40°C.

Self-heating steam bath in a wood-fired sauna

In the sauna guests control the temperature by adding water. To do this, water is poured over the heated sauna stones on the wood stove and the hot steam instantly spreads through the tent. Guests can choose their preferred temperature and amount of steam. Sweat it out in the sauna for a relaxing experience. The water used in the sauna is scented with birch. The gentle scent will relax your body and mind.

If guests run out of wood, please ask staff or add more yourself. The stove and chimney are hot and dangerous to touch. When adding firewood, please wear gloves and be careful not to burn yourself.

Dive into the powder snow

Once you get hot from the sauna why not use the powder snow to cool down. The fluffy powder snow is a great way to down and an interesting change from a typical cold bath. The deep Hokkaido powder is soft and refreshing.

Feel “at home” in the Kamakura outdoor air baths!

At the end of each sauna session, take a quick break inside a convenient Kamakura. The insulated snow-covered Kamakura, is cool but the temperature is not as low as outside, and it offers protection from wind. This is a quiet, tranquil space. Here guests can hydrate, rest and meditate in the snowy environment. Take your time to calm your mind and body.

Rehydrate with Rusutsu’s special sauna drink

This original Rusutsu drink has been created for sauna guests, and made from the Aronia berries from the Rusutsu Farm. The Aronia is combined with mint and lime for a refreshing taste. This is offered to guests when using the sauna and guests are encouraged to take the original dotted bottle home as a souvenir.

Sauna Snowballs

Add snowballs to the sauna stones for a special experience. Unlike water, snowballs melt slowly when added to the hot stones, so the steam rises unimpededly as the snow melts.


Snowballs are scented with eucalyptus. Guests are welcome to experience different fragrances to change the sauna experience. Snowballs are scented with the Finnish Sauna brand “Rento”.

Enjoy the outdoor ‘air bath’ in a reclining chair

When the weather is good, we recommend relaxing in a reclining chair to experience an ‘air bath’. This is a great way to relax and enjoy the view of the natural snowy landscape.

Relax at The Westin Rusutsu Hot Spring

After enjoying the tent sauna, warm up in the Westin Rusutsu Hot Springs. There is also a sauna in the Westin Rusutsu Hot Springs, so sauna enthusiasts can enjoy even more sauna fun.

Lobby Lounge Atrium offers a spacious relaxing environment

After enjoying the sauna experience, why not enjoy a post-hot spring drink in the lobby lounge Atrium on the ground floor of the Westin.

Select your preffered refreshment

Sauna guests receive a drink ticket which can been redeemed at the Westin Atrium reception. Select from a selection of; beer, wine, non-alcoholic cocktails, coffee or fruit juice.

※Drink ticket only valid on same day as sauna visit.
※Please note if restaurant is full only take away drinks will be available.


Experience the Rusutsu tent sauna, kamakura outdoor air bath (surrounded by natural snowy scenery), hot spring, and a refreshing drink in the Atrium lounge. Come try this unique new experience. 。

Snow Tent Sauna & Kamakura outdoor snow dive