Advanced 25-hour ticket and Advanced 25-hour ticket + 5, the most recommended ticket!

The new lift ticket “25-Hour Ticket”, which will be available from the 2022/23 season, is a convenient and affordable lift ticket that can be used across days with a one-hour unit deduction, reducing the cost per hour of skiing. Also, from November 1 to December 9, the event purchasing an advanced 25-hour lift ticket and receiving an additional 5-hours for free is in progress.

25-hour lift ticket: in 1-hour increments and available on any day during the winter season

25-hour lift tickets are newly available from the 2022-23 season. This convenient lift ticket allows access to the ski area in 1-hour increments and can be used on any day during the winter season.

A 25-hour ticket provides access to the lifts in 25, one-hour increments. When a user passes through the first IC lift ticket gate 1 hour is initially deducted from the lift ticket with users free to access any lift for the next 60 mins. 24-hours will be remaining on the ticket. After 60 mins have elapsed if the user passes through another IC gate a further hour will be deducted from the lift ticket. A total of 25 hours can be enjoyed throughout the winter season by purchasing this pass.

In the traditional ticket, 1 Day Ticket is valid only for the day, and the 5-Hours Ticket is continuously valid after passing through the gate, while the “25-hour lift ticket” can be used across days during the snow season.

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Advanced 25-hour ticket + 5: on sale for a limited time from 11/1 to 12/09

01/11 (Tue.) – 09/12(Fri.), purchase an advanced 25-hour lift ticket and receive an additional 5-hours for free. Available online purchase with a credit card.

Besides online purchasing, the Center Ticket office at Rusutsu Resort is open from 09:00 to 16:15, but it will be closed on Thursday, November 10 for maintenance.

The price is the same as the “25-hour ticket”, but the cost per hour of “Advanced 25-hour ticket + 5”is only 917 Yen, which is 17% less than the “25-hour ticket”, 40% less than the “5-Hour ticket”. If you ski for 5 hours a day, you can use it 6 times, and if you ski for 3 hours a day, you can use it 10 times.

After the “Advanced 25-hour ticket + 5″ is used up, you can continue to charge it with “Top Up Ticket (5-hours)”.

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K-WINTER PASS: Multi-resort lift ticket for 4 ski areas

This multi-resort lift ticket that you can ski at Kamori Kanko Group’s four ski resorts, such as Rusutsu Resort, Sapporo Teine Ski Area, Tokachi Sahoro Resort, and Nakayama-Toge Ski Area.

The early bird price of K-WINTER PASS ends today (Nov. 3). Skiers who want to buy, please seize the last chance.


Snow is already covered on Yotei Mountain, and winter is just around the corner! Rusutsu Resort will open on Saturday, November 26. Due to snowfall, there is a change in the opening time Possibly, so please stay tuned to the official website and official social media accounts for updated information.