Hone Your Snow Driving Skills on Rusutsu Special Routes! Snow Drifting Experience is Now in Full Swing

Driving on snowy roads can be a bit intimidating until you get used to it. At a special course that has appeared in a corner of the Rusutsu Resort parking lot, you can learn the proper way to drive on snow-covered roads, or ride in a professional driver’s car and experience professional driving techniques from the passenger seat.

In addition to the ” Snow Driving – Standard Course”, in which participants learn the correct way to drive on snow-covered roads, and the “Emergency braking lesson”, in which you can learn full braking and crisis avoidance maneuvers utilizing ABS in case of an emergency, the “Snow Driving – Drift Challenge Course” for advanced drivers allows participants to acquire safe drifting techniques.

For those who do not have a driver’s license, we recommend the “Snow Drifting Experience”, an attraction-like menu where you can experience drifting and driving techniques by riding in the passenger seat.

The courses have been closed for maintenance, but will reopen on 1/18/2023. Please enjoy the dynamic driving experience that cannot be experienced on ordinary roads, on the dedicated course that is safely managed.

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