Helicopter Sightseeing Flights: Soar Through the Clear Sky from Rusutsu in March to See the Snowy Scenery of Hokkaido

March is the best time to see the snowy scenery of Hokkaido by helicopter, as the chance of clear skies increases. From March 11 (Saturday), the services of the helicopter sightseeing flight at Rusutsu Resort will be available.

Reception: Snow Activity Land, next to the Westin Rusutsu Resort Hotel

It’s still a bit of a distance from the hotel to the heliport, but we prepare a unique transport: snow drifting!

The reception “Snow Activity Land” is near the Westin Rusutsu Hotel.

The helicopter can carry up to six people, excluding the pilot. The front seat has a glass surface up to the feet, giving a Panoramic view of the snowy scenery unfolding one by one.

5 Flight Routes: Panoramic views of the resort, Yotei Mt. and Niseko Peaks, Customized Routes are also Available

Scenic Flight Route over Rusutsu Resort

When you take a helicopter ride, you will be greeted by a breathtaking snowy scene. In addition to the panoramic view of the resort surrounded by snow, you will also be able to see the magnificent view of Yotei Mt. and the rolling Niseko mountain range.

Customized Routs: Overlook Yotei Mountain and Toya Lake

In addition to the short 5-minute flight route, you can also customize a route with a broader panoramic view near the resort, as well as flights closer to Yotei Mt. and Toya lake.

Helicopter Roller Coaster: Experience Aerial Thrills

For a more thrilling flight experience, the Helicopter Coaster is recommended. You can experience the feeling of a roller coaster in a helicopter.

Helicopter Picnic: Enjoy Private Time

Want to see more of the snowy scenery? Then the helicopter picnic is recommended. Take a trip to a place you can’t reach by car, there you can have a cup of coffee in elegance, explore with snowshoes, or read a book, and forget about the passage of time and enjoy your own healing moment.

Helicopter Flights Business Period: From March 11 to March 31, 2023

or a limited period from Saturday, March 11 to Friday, March 31, 2023, why not take a helicopter flight in March?

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