Take away "Morning Bento Box" to your room for a peaceful, relaxing breakfast.

To maintain social distancing Rustusu Resort has reduced the number of seats and tables in all our restaurants. Regrettably, the decrease in capacity may lead to increased waiting time in peak season/peak hours.

To alleviate this issue we have introduced the Morning Bento Box so guests can enjoy a hotel breakfast in the comfort of their room. Enjoy a choice of either Japanese or Western-style breakfast. A great option for guests worried about social distancing, looking for a relaxing start to the day, or busy preparing for an early departure.


This Morning Bento Box is exclusive for Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention overnight guests whose package includes breakfast. Advanced booking is required for this breakfast.

Japanese: Seasoned rice, Mini-salad, Side dish, Fruit, Tea Carton.


Western: Sandwich, Mini-Salad, Mini-deli, Cheese, Juice box.


[Who can order?]
Rusutsu Resort overnight guest who booked a package including breakfast.

[The Menu]
Choose from either a Japanese or Western Style Breakfast ※Note that the menu is subject to change without notice. (The photographs are sample.)

[Where to collect it]
Sekkatei (NorthWing 3F)

[Collection Time]
7:30 ~ 9:30 am

Booking is required in advance. Please book via the Web-site, from one week to 17:00 the day before you visit

Book Here

All-day Dining Atrium

A Seasonal Eat Well breakfast box is available without prior reservation. The Morning Box breakfast can be ordered by guests not staying Westin Rusutsu Resort. For guests wishing to pick up the box at a fixed time please book by the day before at Front Desk.

Western: Various Bread, Salad, Egg, Bacon, Drink, Yoghurt, Fruit etc..


Japanese: Mini-Rice ball, Stewed Food, Side-dish, grilled fish, Drink etc.


[Who can order?]
Both Hotel Guest and Day trip visitors, all are welcome to order

[The Menu]
Choose from either a Japanese or Western-style Breakfast
Per Person 2,000 JPY
※available for guests with breakfast meal coupons (breakfast coupons included in accommodation package)
※Note that the menu is subject to change without notice. (The photographs are a sample.)

[Where to collect it]
All-day Dining Atrium (Westin Rusutsu Resort 1F)

[Collection Time]
6:30 ~ 9:30 am

Book by the day before at Front Desk.
※ It is available without reservation but preparation time is required

The Morning Box is the perfect option for a family with small children or Seniors. Also a great option for guests planning an early departure. Rusutsu Resort has a wide variety of attractions perfect for everyone including an Amusement park, Golf, Activity, Sightseeing around Rusutsu. Let’s enjoy rusutsu this summer.