Rusutsu Resort Golf Course "Riverwood Course" open from 5/16 (Sat.)

As of May 2020, Rusutsu Resort will temporally suspend hotel and amusement park operations as a preventative measure against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Riverwood Golf course will begin operations from 2020/5/16 after utilizing all possible measures to prevent the spread of infection. Please note, for this reason, some facilities will be temporarily unavailable, however, guests can once again enjoy playing golf. In this article, we will explain the preventative measures implemented on our golf courses.

Implemented measures to stop the spread of COVID-19

At present, it is essential to implement new measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. The golf course is open however, lockers, bathrooms, and restaurants are all temporarily closed. Also, all open competitions, monthly meetings, award ceremonies, and parties are temporarily suspended. Staff are required to regularly wash hands, wear a mask, and pay close attention to their physical condition while at work in consideration of the health and safety of customers.

When you arrive at the clubhouse on the Riverwood Course, please use the alcohol disinfectant installed at the entrance first. Alcohol disinfectants are also available in the front desk and dressing room in the house, as well as in the restroom in the course.

Next, please check-in at the clubhouse front desk. If other guests are already checking-in when you arrive please line-up and wait in the space provided. A guideline has been installed on the floor to promote safe distancing between guests.

Upon check-in, at the front desk, a transparent vinyl sheet has been installed to prevent airborne transmission. While checking-in guests will be asked to check their temperature via a non-contact thermometer.

Please note on the day, guests with a temperature above 37.5℃ will be refused access to the facility. Once the registration process is complete and health checks performed guests are welcome to proceed to the course.

In order to prevent possible transmission, all golf carts are thoroughly disinfected at the start and end of rounds. Guests in good health are welcome to enjoy golf the River Wood Course.

River Wood Course in Kimobetsu, located near to Rusutsu Resort

The Riverwood Course is located in Kimobetsu, nearby to Rusutsu Village the home of Rusutsu Resort. The course can be accessed via car from central Sapporo via the Nakayama pass in approximately, 90-120 minutes. The course is located around 25 minutes via car from Rusutsu Resort.

Upon approach to the clubhouse, guests drive up a hill surrounded by woodland before viewing the large clubhouse building sitting at the top of the hill. This wooden building blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Both the River Course and Wood Course were designed by former USPGA Champion Curtis Strange. You can enjoy both the river and wood courses from this clubhouse.

River Course

The River Couse presents numerous challenges with narrow undulating fairways surrounded by forest. Both strategy and skill are required to adapt to the many challenges. All holes are unique and distinctive with a wide selection of ponds, swamps, and OB’s upon approach. Accuracy and sound strategy are required.

All holes offer unique challenges such as the 5th hole with a multilevel green making putting a challenge. Also, the 12th hole players must cross the Wood Course to reach the green.

The 18th hole is especially memorable as it affords skillful players the opportunity to make a hole in one attempt with the spectacular backdrop of Mt Yotei.

The Wood Course – numerous long holes

The Wood Course offers numerous long holes with a myriad of ponds, creeks, and bunkers to test a player’s skill. The course is situated amidst rolling hills and woodland with a spacious setting that offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Players can enjoy the spectacular scenery from the curved fairways and undulating greens, but take care to focus on your game.

Each course has unique features and charms to test the skill. The 5th hole is a long hold with a challenging green while the 12th hole features the wood course’s only swamp. Finally, the final 18th hole is a long hole that can be attempted in 2 shots. This hole has a stunning MT Yotei view from the tee!

Is that two Mt Yotei’ s?

In fact, one mountain is Mt. Yotei while the other is Mt. Shiribetsu.

The altitude of Mt. Yotei is 1,898m, while the altitude of Mt. Shiribetsu is 1,107m. Although there is a large difference in altitude the mountain appears to be similar from this location. These two mountains are collectively known as ‘Meotoyama’
Fun quiz! Which side is Mt. Yotei, right or left?

The correct answer is right. ”

Driving range – Now open

Situated next to The Westin Rusutsu Resort this 300-yard range is the perfect place to practice your swing.

Riverwood Golf Course

Business period: 2020/5/16 (Saturday) – 6/30 (Tuesday)
Regular holiday: No regular holidays during the above period
*During the above period, Riverwood Clubhouse restaurants, bathrooms, and lockers will be temporarily closed.
※Services are scheduled to be open as normal from July 1, 2020, onwards. ”


Driving range

Opening hours: 7:00 to 17:00
※Closed on Monday morning for ball retrieval
*If Monday is a national holiday, it will be closed the next day.
※ Driving range may occasionally close due to other unforeseen circumstances

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