The Season Pass KWP is on Sale, It is Time to Make Arrangement for Your 2023/24 Hokkaido Ski Trip Now!

When you come to Japan to ski, apart from arranging hotels, it is also important to arrange lift ticket in advance. By purchasing a lift ticket in advance, you can make your ski trip smoother, save more time for skiing, and save on travel expenses.

The K-Winter Pass is a season pass issued by the Kamori Tourism Group that gives you access to all four of its major ski slops, and you can enjoy many benefits by purchasing this season pass.

KWP: Season pass for all 4 ski slopes in Hokkaido, 3 types of passes are divided into 3 categories according to age

K-WINTER PASS (abbreviated as KWP) is a skiing seasonal lift ticket issued by the Kamori Tourism Group that can ski and snowboard at four ski slopes in Hokkaido, namely Rusutsu Resort, Sapporo Teine Ski Resort, Tokachi Sahoro Resort and Nakayama Togei Ski Area.

There are three types of K-Winter Passes: Premium Pass, Gold Pass and Standard Pass. Each pass is divided into three categories according to the age of the holder: adults (13 years old or older), students (13-18 years old), and child (4-12 years old). The KWP for different age categories is reflected in the price and benefits available.

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Exclusive benefits for KWP holders: early bird ticket prices and discounts for new customers referred by repeat customers

① Eearly bird prices
During the “Early Bird Period” from March 6 to November 3, 2023, you can purchase (or use the ticket reservation system) KWP at a discounted price.

②Enjoy the “Early Bird Benefit” for a limited period: 10,000 JPY worth of meal vouchers
As an early bird benefit, customers who purchase between March 6 and May 7 will receive a meal voucher worth 10,000 JPY.

③Repeat customers receive discounted prices
As a “repeat customer benefit”, customers who have purchased a KWP for the 2022-23 season will receive a discounted price for the 2023-24 season.

The discounted price applies even if the type purchased is different from the previous year’s. (For example, if you purchased a Standard Pass the previous year, you can still receive a discount if you purchase a Gold Pass this year).

④New customers referred by repeat customers receive discounted prices
New customers referred by repeat customers who purchased 2022-23 KWP will receive a discounted price for the 2023-24 season KWP.

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Highlight for 23/24 KWP: early bird price and early bird benefits for a limited period

From 23/24 season, KWP prices are set at two prices only: Early Bird price and standard price.

Early bird prices will be available from March 6 to November 3.
Standard prices are available from November 4 to the end of the season.

As a limited period “Early Bird Benefit”, those who purchase (or use the reservation system) from March 6 to May 7 will receive a meal voucher worth 10,000 JPY.

From May 8 to November 3, you can continue to apply the early bird price, but you will lose the opportunity to receive the 10,000 JPY worth of meal voucher. So please make sure to purchase the early bird pass before May 7.

How to purchase KWP: Online purchase on the official website, on-site ticket house

2 ways: On-site ticket house, online purchase on the official website.

To purchase online, please fill in the information and complete the payment on the special page on each official website.

In addition to the official website of the Rusutsu Resort, the official websites of Teine and Sapporo also have purchase special pages.

Purchasing KWP Online is now available

From March 6, the online KWP purchase page is available now.

The 2023/24 season is just around the corner, and the early bird benefits will expire in a flash before May7, so click on the following link to get your hands on one.

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