2023/24 Season Ski Hotel Booking Tips①: Book Flexible and Affordable Package on the Official Website

Have you started to prepare for your skiing trip to Hokkaido in the 2023/24 season?

If you make a reservation on the official website, you can be sure to get a room and enjoy the right price! With the launch of various packages, we will be introducing these packages in blogs to make it easier to choose the right guest room, and this is the first issue.

Package name: Simple package

There is no requirement for how many days in advance you need to complete your reservation for this package. The package includes three types: no meal, breakfast only, and breakfast and dinner included.

Although there is no rule on how many days in advance you need to complete the reservation, but the guestrooms in Rusutsu are so popular that the rooms are often “sold out in seconds”, so it is recommended to make the reservation as early as possible.

15% Discount Package

Package selection point: flexible package contents

Since the packages with meals are limited to buffets, if you want to try as many different types of cuisine as possible, then it is recommended to choose a package without any meals.

If you don’t want to spend time seeking a suitable restaurant and feel uncomfortable with buffets, then the hassle-free and convenient package with two meals is the best choice.

Breakfast choice: temporary choice of buffet or convenience store

Many skiers want to go to the slopes as early as possible to explore the first trucks of refreshed snow in the morning, often unable to take care of breakfast. Then the convenience store in the resort is not lost as a choice.

Or rush to wait in front of the Oktoberfest buffet restaurant before it opens, you can pay for the meal on site. Breakfast is open from 6:30 – 9:30 (last order 9:00) and costs 3,300 JPY for adults and 2,310 JPY for children, including tax.


The buffet at the resort is not limited to the main buffet restaurant, Oktoberfest, but other restaurants may also offer buffets. Please check the restaurant list page for information on the buffet available that day.

Restaurant list 

Lunch selection: Slop cafeterias

There are 4 major slop cafeterias in Rusutsu Resort, which are open from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m..

Slop cafeterias

Dinner: Izakaya, yakiniku, sushi restaurant, bar

There are 30 or so restaurants in Rusutsu Resort, including buffets, izakayas, sushi restaurants, and so on. There is plenty of room to choose from for dinner, so you can savor different types of food each day.

Some of the most popular restaurants for overseas tourists include Izakaya Kakashi, Lamp House, Sekkatei, a Japanese restaurant.

Restaurant Guide

Since the launch of the packages on the official website, visitors from all over the world have started to make reservations for the hotel, and the availability changes daily, so please make your reservations as early as possible.

In addition to the simple package, there are also other ones, so please choose the one that suits you from the link below.

2023/24 Early Bird Packages List