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Experience Calligraphy

Event Date : 2024/1/6(Sat.) , 2024/2/3(Sat.) , 2024/3/2(Sat.)

Our lesson program is all about providing an accessible calligraphy experience, rather than about writing kanji characters masterfully.

Anyone can join this experience, especially those who enjoy writing by hand or want to turn kanji characters into illustrations. Beginners are welcome! While we have example kanji characters and brush stroke order texts for your reference, feel free to complete a work that does not fit any mold. Write your version of the kanji character on a traditional paper fan and take it home to commemorate your experience. Decorate your home with a memory from Rusutsu Resort.

Write while looking at an example

Kanji characters are written in specific brush stroke orders. Children in Japan learn that following their stroke order is the fastest and most legible way to write them. Generally, they are written from top to bottom and left to right. Following this principle makes it easy to write, remember and improve. Follow along while looking at an example.

  • Event date and time

    2024/1/6(Sat.) , 2024/2/3(Sat.) , 2024/3/2(Sat.)
    14:00 - 19:00

  • Price (tax included)
    • One person 1,000 JPY
  • Remarks

    Be careful because your hands and clothes might get stained with ink.

  • Event Location

    Special area in front of Lobby at North Wing 1F

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