Rent a Kimono Rent a Kimono

Rent a Kimono

Event Date : 2024/1/13(Sat.) , 2024/2/10(Sat.) , 2024/3/9(Sat.)

Stroll through the hotel in a kimono, Japan's traditional attire

Kimono patterns have many meanings: the three evergreen trees represent the brilliance of life and strength, cherry blossoms symbolize the desire for prosperity and celebration of new beginnings, and wisteria represents longevity and a prosperous family. This kimono-wearing experience provides the fun of selecting a kimono, the fun of wearing it, and an authentic taste of Japan.

Choose a Kimono

Our quick-change kimono can be worn over your clothing and paired with a belt that can be secured with tape. Our staff will help you put on the kimono of your choice.

Stroll through the hotel in your Kimono

The two-story merry-go-round (Carousel) is an iconic symbol of the Rusutsu Resort and is an excellent spot for photos. You will surely draw admiring glances as you stroll around the resort dressed in one of our kimonos.

  • Event date and time

    2024/1/13(Sat.) , 2024/2/10(Sat.) , 2024/3/9(Sat.)
    14:00 - 19:00

  • Price (tax included)
    • One person 1,000 JPY
  • Remarks

    Please return your kimono by 19:30. on the day of your rental.

  • Event Location

    Special area right in front of Wine & Bottle TARU of the North Wing 1F

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