Paint a Lucky Cat Paint a Lucky Cat

Paint a Lucky Cat

Event Date : 2024/1/27(Sat.) , 2024/2/24(Sat.) , 2024/3/23(Sat.)

Make lucky charms that are popular in Japan across the ages

Posed with one hand raised to invite luck, manekineko lucky cat charms are adorable figurines that symbolize wishes for a successful business and a flood of customers. Daruma doll charms can make any wish a reality because they rise on their own no matter how many times they fall over. Both lucky charms are popular in Japan. Create your own variation of a lucky cat or daruma doll, enduring lucky charms from ancient Japan. We hope your finished figurine becomes a cherished piece when you take it home.

The hand that the lucky cat has raised has a different meaning. If the right hand is raised, it invites money into your life. If the left is raised, it will invite people and customers into your life. Pick the cat that symbolizes your preference. Daruma dolls have an eye painted to give them spiritual energy: you first work up a strong desire for your wish to be granted and paint one eye. Then, you paint the other when your wish is granted. We hope that both of these popular lucky charms bring you good fortune.

  • Event date and time

    2024/1/27(Sat.) , 2024/2/24(Sat.) , 2024/3/23(Sat.)
    14:00 - 19:00

  • Price (tax included)
    • One person 1,000 JPY
  • Remarks

    Magic pens are available for loan and should be painted on site.

  • Event Location

    Special area right in front of Wine & Bottle TARU of the North Wing 1F

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