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Projection Mapping

Event Date : 2023/11/25(Sat.) - 2024/3/30(Sat.)

The art of light and sound. Enjoy powerful reflections on one of Japan's largest glass screens

The projection mapping is cast onto the hotel's large glass screen, measuring 50m wide and 13m high. Telling the Ainu's story accompanied by music, the show expresses an image of Hokkaido blessed with abundant nature. You can view the show in different ways: an impressive panorama movie outdoors or in a magical image space indoors.


Chapter 1 The story of the ocean
The ocean hosts the dance of giant whales, unchanged since antiquity
A pack of killer whales gives chase
One of the hunted whales is jettisoned up on land
The Ainu people discover the transition of life from this gift from the killer whales
And thus learn about hunting

Chapter 2 The story of the land
Dead plants and animals of the land nourish the soil and cultivate greenery
There are four seasons of life residing in that forest
Above the heads of all the living creatures,
The intensely starlit sky rains down,
Unchanging since ancient times

Chapter 3 The story of the gods
A story of meeting Blakiston’s fish owl gods
And all sorts of animal gods while traveling the expanses
Ainu culture is born
They face the souls of the animals they reaped in the hunt,
Give prayers of thanks, and send them back respectfully to the land of the gods
This is also done so the animals will come back to this land

What kind of land is Hokkaido?
An unbroken chain of life tracing back to ancient times. A cycle of animals and plants being born, growing, consuming and being consumed, and decaying. Ainu faith and culture were born of learning from and respecting that grand world of nature and treasuring its bounty. It is an homage, a reverence to all of the life living upon this great expanse at this moment, all of the living creatures who will link to our future and in whom we entirely entrust our future. By extensively communicating the magnificent allure of Hokkaido to the world, the Rusutsu Resort aims to create a massive tourism asset that will be the pride of later generations as a continuation of cultural traditions linking the past, present, and future.

2023-24 Winter Season Opening Period

25/11/2023(Sat.) – 30/03/2024(Sat.)

Opening Time
・Standby video 16:00 – 20:30 / 21:00 – 22:00
・Main story projection 20:30 – 21:00

*On 24/12/2023(Sun.) and 31/12/2023(Sun.) will be started 21:00 – 21:30.

  • Event date and time

    2023/11/25(Sat.) - 2024/3/30(Sat.)

  • Remarks

    *In case of the weather condition this service may be temporarily suspended.

  • Event Location

    Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention

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