[Rusutsu Welcome Ticket] Enjoy Shopping with Our Discount Vouchers!

We are selling discount gift vouchers “Welcome Ticket” that can be used at Rusutsu Resort. Please use the vouchers to enjoy shopping and dining at a discount.

Sales Details

Please choose from three types of vouchers.
・[Price] 9,000 yen → [Welcome Ticket] for 10,000 Yen (10% discount)
・[Price] 25,500 yen → [Welcome Ticket] 30,000 Yen (15% discount)
・[Price] 40,000 yen → [Welcome Ticket] 50,000 Yen (20% discount)

*Tickets will be given in increments of 1,000 yen.

Places of sale

・Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention “North Wing Front”
・Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention “South Wing Front”
・East Mt. Lone Pine (sales hours: 9:30-11:00, 14:00-15:30)

Available Facilities

[In the hotel]
・Welcome Potato
・Daniel Express
・Salad & Deli
・Cafe & Pastry
・Névé cafe

[Ski Area]
・Cafeteria Horn
・Cafeteria Lone Pine
・Cafeteria Izola 2000
・Cafeteria Steamboat

・Wine and Bottle Shop TARU
・Premier Neige
・East Shop

・Ski Lesson
・Snowboard Lesson
・Mountain Guiding
・Ski rental (Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention side only)
・Snowboard Rental (Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention side only)
・Premium Front Desk
*Vouchers cannot be used for Crayon Shinchan Kids School nor Chinese ski and snowboard lessons.

・All experience menu


・This service is only available when using vouchers directly at the payment location. Vouchers cannot be used in combination with room charges or for payments made in advance via the website.
・Vouchers can only be used at select locations where the vouchers are clearly accepted.
・If the value of the voucher exceeds the cost of the service. The price difference cannot be refunded (no change will be provided).
・Please pay any additional balance/charges in combination with the voucher at the time of payment.
・Vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.
・Vouchers will not be re-issued due to loss or damage.