Rusutsu Resort is the world’s first resort to integrate blockchain activities

In just two years since its inception, NounsDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization on the Ethereum blockchain, has amassed a treasury of 28,466 ETH (approximately USD 55 million as of today). Via a successful proposal submitted to the NounsDAO,  Rusutsu Resort is the first ski resort in the world partnering with a web3 brand, bringing an innovative blend of technology and tradition to millions of visitors and introducing new audiences to the world of crypto and NFTs.

NounsDAO, a community-driven entity representing unique, algorithmically generated pieces of digital art, is funding a series of creative and innovative “nounifications” at Rusutsu Resort. This includes the installation of the world’s largest Nouns logo sculpture, a Nouns inspired and branded terrain park, signage and branding in gondolas, stations and on-mountain restaurants, a treasure hunt powered by POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) technology, and a diverse range of NounsDAO-branded activations throughout the resort from now through May 2024.

“This partnership marks a thrilling exploration into implementing Web3 technology into our operations and offering unique experiences to our guests,” says Hisatake Kamori, president of Rusutsu Resort. “We’re eager to leverage the public goods brands like NounsDAO and AlpsDAO.”

Noggle Quest

The partnership also introduces the first-of-its-kind digital treasure hunt that invites both crypto natives and novices to participate. The participants are guided through the process of creating a digital wallet and setting up the POAP app. They are then armed with maps and photo clues to collect up to 20 NFTs that represent the attractions of Rusutsu Resort, making it a fun introduction to the world of crypto and NFTs.

Integral to these activations is AlpsDAO, an extension of NounsDAO dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with alpine resorts. The objective is to proliferate Nouns, support proposals enhancing on-mountain environments, and provide unique membership perks.

“NounsDAO’s ethos revolves around decentralization and community. By partnering with Rusutsu Resort, we’re extending this ethos into the physical world, in a fun and interactive way,” said Benbodhi, a member of NounsDAO who co-created the proposal. “NounsDAO sees immense potential in extending into the Japanese market and the ski and alpine sector,” says ThaSwami, another NounsDAO member who co-led the proposal. “There’s already a flourishing local Nouns community in Japan, with groups like NounsDAO Japan and Pnouns actively engaging thousands of members.”

This partnership symbolizes a significant milestone in the convergence of blockchain technology, art, and real-world experiences, reflecting a shift towards integrating Web3 technologies into everyday life, making it accessible and exciting for everyone.

About NounsDAO

NounsDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization built on the Ethereum blockchain. Representing unique, algorithmically generated pieces of digital art called “Nouns,” the DAO is driven by community decisions and offers a new model of collective ownership and control.

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About AlpsDAO

AlpsDAO is an extension of NounsDAO with a mission to fund proposals that benefit community members by enhancing on-mountain environments and experiences. They aim to support local businesses in alpine areas and provide members with unique benefits related to alpine communities across the globe.

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