River&Wood Golf Course Opens on June 17 for the First Time in 4 Years!

Enjoy early summer golf in a location with Mt. Yotei View and fresh greenery

The River Course and Wood Course will be open for play from Saturday, June 17, 2023. This will mark the first time in four years that all 72 holes of the four courses at Rusutsu Resort Golf 72 will be fully open. This summer season, golf players can enjoy playing each of the courses with different features at the golf paradise, Rusutsu Resort.

Two courses with different and exquisite layouts can be enjoyed in one day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon

Rusutsu Resort Golf 72’s pricing is based on a one-day play fee plus an additional round fee depending on the course’s availability on the day and the afternoon restart time. Especially in early summer (June to early July) when the sun sets late, if you make a reservation for an earlier start time in the morning, after having lunch, you can play an additional round in the afternoon, giving you the opportunity to play two rounds in one day.

One-day play fee

River Course

The River Course is a technical hilly course with shorter fairways but features stream crossings and up-and-down undulations.

River Course

Wood Course

The Wood Course is a hilly course with long fairways, wide fairways, and views of Mount Yotei and Mt.Shiribetsu.

Wood Course

The clubhouse is also open for the first time in four years!

Since it has been closed for some time, the exterior and interior are currently undergoing a complete inspection and major renovation work in preparation for the opening.

We are also planning a new lunch menu at the OWL dining room in the clubhouse, including a special hamburger steak set, a stamina liver – leek set meal, a Hokkaido-style Jingisukan set(Japanese mutton and vegetable dish), a venison keema curry, and more. Please come and enjoy not only playing golf but also having lunch.

River wood Owl