Enjoy Rusutsu to the fullest with a season pass packed with new benefits!

Get the amusement park season pass to fully enjoy Rusutsu Resort!

In addition to free parking and repeater discounts, there are new benefits include discounts on shopping and restaurants! You can also enjoy various contents within the resort such as the Yotei Gondola, Sheep Land, Rusutsu Trail, outdoor pools during summer vacation, light maze, and fireworks festivals. Let’s have a thrilling experience at the amusement park, admire the flowers that change with the seasons, and enjoy a pleasant time at various events.

Available for sale at an early discount until 31/05/2024(Fri.)!

Early Bird Discount Price

Sales Period: 26/04/2024(Fri.)-31/05/2024(Fri.)
Validity Period: Until 14/10/2024(Mon.)

・Adult: 24,000 JPY (21,600 JPY) *Ages 19-64
・Student: 21,900 JPY (19,700 JPY) *Ages 13+
・Child: 20,100 JPY (18,000 JPY) *Ages 7-12
・Small Child: 8,100 JPY (7,200 JPY) *Ages 4-6
・Senior: 20,100 JPY (18,000 JPY) *Ages 65+

Standard Price

Sales Period: 01/06/2024(Sat.)-14/10/2024(Mon.)
Validity Period: Until 14/10/2024(Mon.)

・Adult: 28,000 JPY(25,200 JPY) *Ages 19-64
・Student: 25,500 JPY(22,900 JPY) *Ages 13+
・Child: 23,400 JPY(21,000 JPY) *Ages 7-12
・Small Child: 9,400 JPY(8,400 JPY) *Ages 4-6
・Senior: 23,400 JPY(21,000 JPY) *Ages 65+

*Prices in parentheses ‘( )’ are for online purchases.

Season Pass Special Benefits

Benefit 1: Free all-day parking (500 JPY)
Benefit 2: Get a 10% discount as a repeater benefit
Benefit 3: 10% Discount on Shopping
Benefit 4: 10% Discount on Fast Food
Benefit 5: 20% Discount on Dinner Buffet
Benefit 6: Other Fun Activities