Enjoy the Taste of Spring at the "Spring Hokkaido Seafood Fair"

Rusutsu Resort will host the “Spring Hokkaido Seafood Fair” from 27/04/2024(Sat) – 31/05/2024(Fri). With the end of the harsh winter season in Hokkaido, the spring and summer seasons bring an abundance of seafood catches. Even crabs, which are strongly associated with winter delicacies, are recommended during spring due to their extended fishing period in Hokkaido. Please enjoy the special menus of Rusutsu, which offer seafood so fresh that it can be enjoyed as sashimi.

Popular Buffet Restaurant “Oktoberfest”

Sakuramasu Acqua pazza with Spring Mountain Vegetables

One of the world’s top three soups, with white fish as the main ingredient, but featuring seasonal sakuramasu fish as the main ingredient in a soup rich with the flavor of scallops and clams, as well as accents of wine, tomato acidity, plus the pleasant bitterness of wild vegetables such as Aralia elata and Urui. A dish that allows you to feel the sea flavor amidst the mountains of Rusutsu.


Seafood Grill Corner

In the chef’s corner, seafood is grilled over charcoal right before you and served piping hot. Enjoy grilled crabs, scallops with butter and soy sauce, grilled squid, and the natural flavors of shellfish.

Rusutsu Resort Hotel North Wing 1F

Indulge in the Luxurious “Izakaya Kakashi

Spring Sanshoku Bowl

Kakashi’s special Sanshoku bowl. A bowl featuring elegant sakuramasu fish with its refined fat and rich sweetness, succulent and sweet scallops, and the distinctive richness of sea urchin, offering a taste of Hokkaido’s seafood!

Sakuramasu Fish Sashimi

Different from salmon, sakuramasu fish offers an elegant fat and rich sweetness that can only be enjoyed during this season. It pairs perfectly with Japanese sake. Enjoy it with a dry taste for a refreshing experience.

Kegani Crab Kamameshi Rice

A luxurious dish that brings out the rich sweetness and flavor of kegani crab. Enjoy the deep flavor of the tea broth-based dish made with plenty of flower-shaped carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and kinusaya peas.

Izakaya Kakashi
Rusutsu Resort Hotel Highland Lodge 1F

Casually Enjoy at the Café & Pastry in the Eat-in Space

Seafood Tartine

A French-style open sandwich made with shrimp, squid, and scallops, along with bacon and colorful vegetables, generously spread with special white sauce on a baguette and baked thoroughly in the oven. It has a fragrant surface, which is a perfect match for the rich white sauce and seafood.

We also offer strawberry danish pastries, sakura-flavor bean paste buns with mochi, white chocolate crunchies, and other spring menus.
Please enjoy the flavors of spring unique to this season.

Daniel Street Cafe & Pastry
Rusutsu Resort Hotel South Wing 1F