Rusutsu Resort triumphs for the third consecutive year at the World Ski Awards

On November 23rd 2019, Rusutsu Resort (operated by President Hisatake Kamori, headquartered in Sapporo) was again awarded the prestigious award for Japan’s Best Ski Resort 2019 with The Westin Rusutsu Resort winning Japan’s Best Ski Hotel 2019, at the prestigious World Ski Awards, 2019 ceremony, in Kitzbühel, Austria. This marks the third consecutive year in which Rusutsu Resort has won this remarkable double award. In addition, Kamori Kanko Co., Ltd chairman Mr. Kimihito Kamori received the Outstanding Contribution to Ski Tourism 2019, which honors his significant achievements in the ski industry.

World Ski Awards 2019

Rusutsu Resort
Japan’s Best Ski Resort

The Westin Rusutsu Resort
Japan’s Best Ski Hotel

Kamori Kanko Co., Ltd Chairman Kimihito Kamori
Outstanding Contribution to Ski Tourism 2019

The World Ski Awards (based in London, England) is one of the most prestigious awards in the ski tourism industry and often referred to as the ‘Oscars’ of the travel industry. Established in 2013, this year marks the seventh time these distinguished awards have been held, covering a wide variety of categories which see the finest resorts, hotels, and ski industry companies from around the globe competing for recognition. Initial nominations are announced in June with the general public invited to vote online, in multiple distinct categories. Once the votes have been finalised the winners are announced in November.

Rusutsu Resort was nominated among 13 other ski prestigious internationally recognised resorts, including Niseko and Hakuba in the category of Japan’s Best Ski Resort, while The Westin Rusutsu Resort was nominated among 12 other hotels in the category Japan’s Best Ski Hotel. Once polling was over and the votes counted, Rusutsu Resort again emerged triumphant, being awarded both Japan’s best Ski Resort 2019 and Japan’s Best Ski Hotel 2019 for a third consecutive year. (The Westin Rusutsu Resort was additionally awarded The World’s Best New Ski Hotel 2016 shortly after its grand opening).

At the 2019 awards ceremony, the “Outstanding Contribution to Ski Tourism 2019 Award” was bestowed upon Kamori Kanko Chairman, Mr. Kimihito Kamori for his work in the industry. Unlike other awards where the winner is selected by receiving the highest number of votes, this prestigious achievement award is designated by The World Ski Awards Executive Committee. This marks the second time a Japanese national has won this special award following Niseko’s Avalanche Research Centre Director, Mr. Yasuo Shintani, triumphing in 2014.
While the Japanese economy was stagnant in the recession, Kimihito Kamori acquired numerous failing resorts. Utilizing innovative reorganization and management approaches, Kimihito Kamori led the revitalization of these businesses while continuing to employ high numbers of staff. As a result of his work in this period, Kimihito Kamori became highly regarded due to his significant contribution to the revitalization of the Japanese ski industry.

Currently, Kamori Kanko owns and operates ski areas in; Rusutsu village (Rusutsu Resort), Sapporo city (Sapporo Teine), Kimobetsu town (Nakayama-toge Ski Area), Shintoku town (Sahoro Resort) and Noboribetsu (Sanliva Ski Area). In previous years, the company has managed and operated numerous Japanese resorts and ski areas including; Yubari Resort, Alpha Resort Tomamu, Appi Kogen Resort, Geto Onsen Resort, and Ontake 2240. Additionally, Kamori Kanko previously owned international resorts in the United States, including Colorado’s Steamboat Resort and California’s Heavenly Resort, as well as Tignes Resort in the French Alps. Previously Kamori Kanko successfully operated up to 11 ski resorts simultaneously. Kimihito Kamori’s astute business style of purchasing failing resorts, utilizing innovative reorganization, and management approaches to improve the businesses before reselling for profit has won many admirers.
Receiving these prestigious awards is a great honor for Rusutsu Resort. We hope this recognition will lead to an increase in Hokkaido tourism and contribute to the further development of the Japanese ski industry and the greater Asia tourism industry.

Kamori Kanko Co., Ltd Chairman, Mr. Kimihito Kamori commented:
As a ski developer, this marks one of the best days of my life. A high number of guests are visiting Rusutsu Resort for ski tourism, which gives me significant encouragement and inspiration. We constantly strive to further improve our service and guest experience.
It is a great honor to win the double award and be recognized by the prestigious World Ski Awards for the third consecutive year.

Kamori Kanko Co., Ltd, Hisatake Kamori added:
“Kamori Kanko is delighted to win these prestigious accolades from The World Ski Awards and is extremely grateful to everyone who took the time to vote. We hope to continue to strive towards further achievements in the winter sports and tourism industries in the future. In 2019, Rusutsu Resort has established a prestigious partnership with Vail Resorts to join the Epic Pass as a result of the hard work of staff and the companies Chairman. In the future, we aim to meet and exceed guest expectations and plan to further develop Rusutsu Resort into a world-class destination.”