[World Ski Award 2023] Rusutsu Resort and The Westin Rusutsu are nominated

We are pleased to announce Rusutsu Resort has been nominated for awards in two prestigious categories by The World Ski Awards 2023, referred to as the Oscars of the travel industry. After our previous triumph, at the 2022 World Ski Awards, we hope to win this prestigious award and continue to be recognized as an industry leader. We hope you will again take this opportunity to vote for us in 2023.

World Ski Awards 2023

「Japan’s Best Ski Resort」 Rusutsu Resort

「Japan’s Best Ski Hotel」 The Westin Rusutsu Resort

The Vale Rusutsu, a condominium-style hotel located within the Rusutsu Resort complex is also nominated for “Japan’s Best Ski Hotel.


After an online voting period, the winner will be chosen. Voting can be done via the World Ski Award website and is quick and easy. We would really appreciate your support to help us win!

Voting Period :
~ 13/10/2023(Fri.)

How To Vote  :
Please visit the Word Ski Awards website and follow the simple instructions to register and vote.

Japan’s Best Ski Resort
Click here to vote for Rusutsu Resort

Japan’s Best Ski Hotel
Click here to vote for The Westin Rusutsu Resort

– Voting is also available via Facebook making voting quick and easy

About World Ski Awards

The World Ski Awards (based in London, England) is one of the most prestigious awards in the ski tourism industry and often referred to as the ‘Oscars’ of the travel industry. These distinguished awards cover a wide variety of categories which see the finest resorts, hotels, and ski industry companies from around the globe competing for recognition. Initial nominations are announced in June with the general public invited to vote online, in multiple distinct categories.