Get your money’s worth with a Season Pass. Pays for itself in just two visits!

You can buy a Season Pass and use it on the same day. It’s a must-have for amusement park fans! Great value – get your money’s worth in just two visits. Buy it with a group of friends, your family or as a couple!


Operating period

29/04/2021(Thu.) – 17/10/2021(Sun.)
*Includes regular holidays.

Type of Ticket Adult(Ages 12-59) Elementary school(Ages 6-11) Small child(Ages 4-5) Senior(Ages 60+) Remarks
Season Pass 10,000 JPY 8,000 JPY 2,500 JPY 2,500 JPY


Season Pass benefits
  • ・Valid for 1 year from the purchase date
  • ・Free all-day parking (500 JPY)
  • ・10% discount if you renew your 2020 Season Pass


  1. Please have a form of ID ready when you purchase at the ticket counter.

  2. After your payment, we will take an ID picture and issue your new Season Pass.

  • Precautions

    ・Night Amusement Park will not be open for the 2021 Summer Season.
    ・Prices are subject to your age at the time of issuing your Season Pass.
    ・Present your Season Pass to staff for park admission and using play facilities.
    ・Play facilities may suspend operations due to weather or other conditions.
    ・Facility contents, prices and times of operation may change without notice.
    ・Age and height restrictions apply for play facilities. Please follow staff instructions.
    ・The pass may only be used by the person registered and may not be lent or transferred.
    ・You may not enter the park nor use play facilities if you forget your ticket.
    ・If you lose your ticket, you may have it reissued for a fee (1,250 JPY).
    ・Tickets may not exchanged for cash nor may they be refunded.
    ・The pass may not be purchased with discount coupons, etc.