Commercial Pass Agreement


The objective of the Rusutsu commercial pass is to establish a structured and transparent framework for commercial activities within the resort. This initiative aims to ensure the highest standards of safety, service, and professionalism are upheld, enhancing the overall guest experience. It also seeks to foster a collaborative environment between Rusutsu Resort and its commercial partners, promoting mutual growth and success.

From winter 2023-24 onwards, all external companies, groups or individuals require prior approval to instruct, guide or undertake any other commercial activities at Rusutsu Resort.

The Rusutsu Resort commercial pass permits official partners to operate at Rusutsu Resort providing all rules and followed and partners agree to the terms listed in the commercial pass partnership agreement. Any individual, group or company attempting commercial activities at Rusutsu Resort without prior permission will be considered to be trespassing.

Commercial Activities

Individuals or companies conducting lessons, guiding, guided photography or hosting events for monetary and non-monetary financial rewards on Rusutsu Resort property are considered as commercial activities. Commercial activities are only permitted when the external company has pre-registered and has been granted permission by the Resort after successfully completing the commercial pass application and following the pre-agreed procedure.
The only situations where a commercial pass may not be required are:

1. When an official SAJ/JSBA/SIA associated organization obtains permission in advance from the company to conduct courses, training and exams.
2. Non-commercial guiding, training or instruction from volunteers from educational institutions such as local schools, race clubs etc. Permission must be obtained from the company in advance at all times.
3. When the company provides special permission in advance for unique circumstance.

Requirements for Commercial Partners

To be eligible for a commercial partnership all external companies or individuals must meet the following conditions. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the rejection of the commercial partnership and the immediate suspension of lift tickets without refund.

Regulatory/ Commercial Requirements

1. Cooperate with Rusutsu management and follow instructions of staff at all times.
2. Follow the Rusutsu Resort rules and abide by Japanese law at all times.
3. Under no circumstances engage in commercial activities with guests staying at Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention and The Westin Rusutsu Resort.
4. Maintain third-party public liability insurance coverage (minimum of JPY 200,000,000 per single accident).
5. Understand commercial registration fees, associated costs, and purchased commercial passes will not be exchanged or refunded under any circumstances.
6. Ensure that all instructors/guides possess one of the following valid licenses:
 (a) International Instructor License, ISIA certified, Level 1 or higher (
 (b) SAJ or JSBA, Level 1 or higher
 (c) SIA Stage 1
 (d) International Guide Qualification (Non-recreational)
7. Verify that all staff have an appropriate visa permitting legal employment in Japan.
8. Ensure that all instructors/guides consistently wear uniforms.
9. All instructors and guides must always wear and prominently display official partner badges issued by Rusutsu Resort.
10. All individuals conducting commercial activities at Rusutsu Resort must purchase the correct designated commercial lift pass.

Commercial Partner Registration Costs

Commercial partners must register with Rusutsu Resort prior to commencing any commercial operations on Rusutsu Resort property. Registration costs will be used to cover the administrative and operational costs of the 2024-25 commercial pass program.

Price Remarks
Commercial registration fee
(Early Bird Discount Price)
55,000 JPY (per company) The early bird price applies for registrations until 10/11/2024(Sun.).
expiration date: 30/03/2025(sun)
Commercial registration fee
(Standard Price)
75,000 JPY (per company) The standard price applies for registrations after 11/11/2024(Mon.) .
expiration date: 30/03/2025(sun)
Official partner badges 2,200 JPY (per badge) Badges scan be shared between employees.
expiration date: 30/03/2025(sun)

Required information for Commercial Registration

Completed application form must be submitted in combination with this agreement via the Rusutsu Resort website.

・Company Information
・Company Address
・Representative’s Name
・Contact Person’s Name
・Email Address
・Official Website
・Primary Ski Resorts of Activity
・Number of Instructors / Guides
・A complete list of all staff who may conduct lessons or guiding at Rusutsu Resort, including their names, ages, and qualifications
・Signed Terms and Conditions Agreement Check the box to formally accept the listed terms and conditions
・Number of Official Partner Badges Requested
・Attach a photo of the uniform
・Attach proof of insurance

Applications will be reviewed within 10 working days. If the Commercial Partner application is successful a representative from the company will be required to visit the Rusutsu Resort ticket office to complete the registration procedure, collect Commercial Partner badges and finalise associated fees.

Application forms should be sent to

Rusutsu Resort Commercial Pass Office

Commercial Pass Lift Ticket Options

Once the Commercial Pass application has been approved, commercial partners must visit Rusutsu Resort Center ticket office to complete the registration process finalise payment and collect official partner badges.
At this point, pre-approved commercial partners will be able to purchase commercial pass lift ticket products via the Online shop.
Please note, commercial season passes require a photo ID and must be purchased at the Center ticket office.

2024-25 Commercial Pass Lift Ticket Options
Price Remarks
Commercial Season Pass 187,000 JPY Non- transferable- the passholders photo will be printed on the card.
Commercial 50-Hour Lift Ticket 99,000 JPY Can be shared between pre-registered staff.
Commercial 50-Hour Lift Ticket × 5 396,000 JPY Can be shared between pre-registered staff.
Commercial Top Up 25-Hour Lift Ticket 39,600 JPY Can only be charged to those who have purchased a commercial 50-hour lift ticket.
Can be shared between pre-registered staff.
Commercial 3-Day Lift Ticket 44,000 JPY Can be used non-consecutive days. Transferable between pre-registered staff.
Commercial 1-Day Lift Ticket 16,500 JPY

Commercial Partner Resort Orientation and Training
At the start of the winter 2024-25, commercial partners who have successfully registered for the 2024-25 Commercial Partnership Agreement will be granted special permission to purchase standard Rusutsu Resort lift tickets for the purpose of staff orientation and training. Please be aware that prior approval is required. This will be permitted until 15/12/2023.

Prohibited Activities

If a commercial partner is considered to have committed any prohibited acts (listed below) partners will be subject to a disciplinary review with Rusutsu Resort management.

1. Solicitation and sales promotion of Rusutsu Resort guests (verbal propositioning, signboards, distribution of leaflets, etc.).
2. Any sales activities via travel agencies and other unauthorized commercial partnerships targeting guests and prospective Rusutsu Resort guests (B2B) interested in ski lessons or guiding.
3. Parking in restricted K-Winter Pass car parks negatively impacting our K-Winer Pass guests.
4. Any Sales & Advertising targeting Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention or The Westin Rusutsu Resort guests (B2C).
5. Meeting clients or starting guiding/lessons within Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention or The Westin Rusutsu Resort.
6. Conducting first timer lessons on the beginner areas on West Mt (magic carpets/snow escalators) or at the base of East Mt.
7. Meeting clients in ski school meeting areas or areas is in use by Rusutsu Resort staff.
8. Guiding or accessing the permanently restricted area specified by the company and shown on the local rules map.
9. Do not enter a roped off area or closed trail under any circumstances.
10. Acts that violate the code of conduct, impair the interests of the Company or official partner companies which interfere with business operations Acts that pose a danger.
11. Acts that pose a danger to the users of our facilities and acts that negatively impact general guests.

Enforcement checking external guides/Instructors

In order to maintain safety on the mountain and safeguard Rusutsu Resort and official commercial partners. The following protocols will be introduced.

Rusutsu Resort will employ additional full-time staff to be employed as patrol/lift ticket staff tasked with ensuring all individuals and companies are adhering to the Rusutsu Resort commercial pass regulations.
Digital hand scanners will be used to check any individuals conducting commercial activities or suspected of conducting commercial activities to ensure the rules are followed.
Any individual observed instructing/guiding/hosting guests will be asked to:

1. Promptly present their Rusutsu Resort commercial lift ticket and badge.
2. Clearly prove they are not violating the Rusutsu Resort Commercial Pass terms.
3. Rusutsu Resort reserves the right to suspend or revoke lift and commercial passes at its sole discretion for any actions or behaviours not explicitly outlined in this agreement, but deemed by Rusutsu Resort to be harmful, disruptive, or contrary to the best interests of the resort, its guests, staff, or commercial partners. This includes, but is not limited to, actions that may compromise the safety, enjoyment, or operations of the resort. Any such decision made by Rusutsu Resort will be final and not subject to appeal.
4. Any companies or individuals who have commercial partnership agreements terminated will not be able to join the commercial partnership for the following winter season.
5. Rusutsu Resort reserves the right to amend or change the commercial pass partnership agreement at any time without prior notice.
6. External instructors/guides or individuals affiliated under this partnership agreement will not be entitled to access Rusutsu Resort Snowsport school lift priority lines under any circumstances.

Rusutsu Resort Commercial Pass Office

13 Izumikawa, Rusutsu-mura, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 048-1711