Regular season

17/12/2022(Sat.) – 12/03/2023(Sun.)

Adult (Ages 19-64) Senior (Ages 65+) Students (Ages 13-18) Child (Ages 4-12)
5 Hours Ticket 7,700 JPY
(7,400 JPY)
5,500 JPY
(5,200 JPY)
5,500 JPY
(5,200 JPY)
3,300 JPY
(3,000 JPY)
25 Hours Ticket (27,500 JPY) (22,500 JPY) (22,500 JPY) (13,800 JPY)
Top Up Ticket (5-hours) 5,000 JPY
(5,000 JPY)
4,000 JPY
(4,000 JPY)
4,000 JPY
(4,000 JPY)
2,500 JPY
(2,500 JPY)
1 Day Ticket 8,800 JPY
(8,500 JPY)
6,600 JPY
(6,300 JPY)
6,600 JPY
(6,300 JPY)
4,400 JPY
(4,100 JPY)
2 Days Ticket 16,600 JPY 12,200 JPY 12,200 JPY 7,800 JPY
3 Days Ticket 24,900 JPY 18,300 JPY 18,300 JPY 11,700 JPY
Night Ticket 3,300 JPY 2,200 JPY 2,200 JPY 1,100 JPY
Point Ticket (1 Point) 500 JPY 400 400 JPY 300 JPY

※Prices in parentheses ‘( )’ are for online purchases


Other season

Early Season 1 : 26/11/2022(Sat.) – 09/12(Fri.)
Early Season 2 : 10/12/2022(Sat.) – 16/12(Fri.)
Spring Season : 13/03/2023(Mon.) – 02/04(Sun.)

Adult (Ages 19-64) Senior (Ages 65+) Students (Ages 13-18) Child (Ages 4-12)
1 Day Ticket (Early Season 1) 5,800 JPY 4,300 JPY 4,300 JPY 2,900 JPY
1 Day Ticket (Early Season 2) 7,700 JPY 5,500 JPY 5,500 JPY 3,300 JPY
1 Day Ticket (Spring Season) 7,700 JPY 5,500 JPY 5,500 JPY 3,300 JPY
Top Up Ticket – Spring Season (5-hours) 4,000 JPY
(4,000 JPY)
3,200 JPY
(3,200 JPY)
3,200 JPY
(3,200 JPY)
2,000 JPY
(2,000 JPY)
Point Ticket (1 Point) 500 JPY 400 JPY 400 JPY 300 JPY

  • Remarks

    ・The lifts are free of charge for children ages 3 and younger.
    ・The closing time is subject to change, depending on the time of the year and other circumstances.
    ・The night ski operation ends on 31/03/2023 (Fri.).
    ・The hours for night skiing are 16:00 to 20:00 (last ride: 19:45). Please note that night skiing will only begin once safety has been confirmed, based on the amount of snowfall on the ski trails.
    ・For prices of tickets for 4 or more days, please contact our General Reservation Center.

  • Proof of age

    ・When purchasing tickets for “Senior/Junior High and High School Students”, you will be required to present an ID (e.g. passport, driving licence, health insurance card, student ID card, etc.) that verifies your age. When purchasing online, you will be asked to upload a photo of an ID document that confirms your age. If the documents are incomplete, the purchase may be cancelled.
    ・When you pass through the gates of the gondolas and lifts, a light will come on to confirm your ticket type. At that time, the lift attendant may ask you to show proof of age. If it is found that you are not of the eligible age, you will be refused access to the lifts as a misuse of your ticket.

  • Regarding Hourly Tickets

    [5-hour ticket]
    ・The 5-hour ticket is valid for a continuous period of time from the first time you pass through the ticket gate (5- hour tickets cannot be used on multiple days)

    [25 Hours Ticket・Top Up Ticket (5-hours)]
    ・The 25-hour and 5-hour top-up tickets can be used in one-hour increments. They are valid across dates during the 22-23 season. The first time you pass through the IC gate, one hour is automatically deducted from the ticket. The user can then pass through muliple gates until one hour has passed. If the user passed through another after 1-hour has passed an additional hour will be deducted.
    ・The remaining time is displayed in one-hour increments on the gate monitor when you pass through the gate.
    ・Top-up 5-hour tickets can only be recharged by those who have purchased a 25-hour ticket or 25-hour ticket + 5 (30-hour ticket) in advance. New IC cards cannot be used to purchase Top-Up 5-hour tickets.
    ・Users must register user before adding a Top-Up 5-hour ticket via online purchase. The Top-up 5-hour ticket can be selected once users have logged in.
    ・Only IC cards that have been used to purchase a 25-hour ticket or advance purchase 25-hour ticket + 5 (30-hour ticket) can be used with a Top Up 5-hour ticket at the lift ticket counter. Please note other lift ticket types will not be accepted.

    *How to use the 25-hour ticket

  • Point Tickets (requires reward points)

    ・Quad Lift : 2 Points
    ・West Gondola : 3 Points
    ・East No.2 Gondola : 4 Points
    ・Isola Gondola : 4 Points
    ・Pair Lift : 1 Point
    ・For all other matters, our Terms and Conditions for Lift Operation will apply.

  • Payment Method

    Credit / Debit Card
    American Express / VISA / MasterCard / JCB / Diners Club / DISCOVER / China Union Pay /
    Edy / QUICPay / iD / WAON / nanaco / Kitaca / Suica / PASMO / toICa / manaca / ICOCA / SUGOCA / nimoca / hayakaken /
    QR Code Payment
    PayPay / LINE Pay / d-payment / auPay / merpay / Rakuten Pay / Ginko Pay / WeChatPay / AliPay /

  • Attention

    Rusutsu Resort will cancel any tickets obtained via illegal means or traded/re-sold. This violates our terms of service. Any tickets purchased on ticket resale sites or auction sites etc. may be cancelled. Please note that tickets that have been invalidated/cancelled cannot be used and no refund or other compensation will be provided by the Company. Please only purchase tickets from authorised websites.



  • Gondola / Lift Ticket Office
    A. Center Ticket Counter (North Wing GF)
    B. West Ticket Counter (In front of Highland Lodge)
    C. East Ticket Counter (East Center Station)
    * For items B and C, the business hours vary depending on the condition of the ski trails.
  • Pick-up Boxes
    ①Center Ticket Counter (North Wing GF)
    ②East Ticket Counter (East Center Station)
    ③North Wing 2F (In front of Dolce)
    ④South Wing 1F (In front of Cricket)
    ⑤Westin 1F (In front of rentals-station)
    ⑥The Vale Rusutsu 1F (next to front desk)

How to purchase lift tickets online

Pick-up box System

  1. STEP1
    Click on the “Buy now” button to purchase your ticket. You will be issued with a QR code to redeem your ticket.
  2. STEP2
    Please scan the QR code using either your smart phone or a print out.
  3. STEP3
    Please collect your ticket.
  4. STEP4
    Go to the IC gate, scan your ticket and access the lifts.

Charging Method

  1. STEP1
    Click “BUY PASS” or scan the QR code on the back of your IC card to access the purchase page.
  2. STEP2
    Select your ticket and enter the WTP code on the back of your IC card. Then, load your ticket with a credit card.
    (The WTP code will appear automatically once you scan the QR code)
  3. STEP3
    You will receive a thank-you email that confirms that loading is complete.
  4. STEP4
    Go to the IC gate, scan your ticket and access the lifts.



For winter 2021-22, we have introduced automatic lift ticket machines (pick-up boxes). Purchase your tickets in advance using a credit card via our official website.

For the online webshop – customers with existing IC cards can re-charge lift tickets online, while we will also introduce a pick-up box system for new customers who do not have an IC card. First, purchase your lift ticket online to receive a QR code, next scan the QR code at the pick-up box in the resort to be issued a lift ticket on an IC card.



Rusutsu Resort offers IC cards for lift tickets.
We have deployed a smart gate system (automatic ticket gates) for smooth entrance.

・Pass through the gate with your IC card in your skiwear pocket.
・The system will recognize your IC card as you pass through the gate. You cannot pass through the gate on a day other than your ticket’s valid dates.
・For Point Tickets, point rewards for the lift will be redeemed automatically.
・The 5-Hour tickets will be valid for 5 hours, respectively, from the first time you pass through the gate.


Recharge your IC card online to use it for your next visit.
Loading your IC card will save you the trouble of visiting the ticket office, so you can head straight to the gondola / lift.

・Please put unwanted IC cards into the IC card return box at the ticket office.
・Your IC card is valid for Sapporo Teine and Tokachi Sahoro Resort (Kamori Kanko Co,. Ltd.). Load your IC card as you need it.

*Please note that this lift ticket cannot be used at other Kamori Group Ski Resorts
*Since no deposits are needed to purchase lift tickets, no refund will be issued when you return your ticket.
*IC lift tickets are reusable and environmentally friendly.

  • Precautions

    ・Do not put your ticket with other cards in your pocket.
    ・Do not put your ticket in a pocket with metal objects.
    (coins, wallets, cell phones, smart phones, walkie-talkies, beacons, aluminium foil, foil wrappers for gum, etc.)
    ・The gate may fail to recognize your IC card if it is more than 15 cm from the scanner. If you are scanning your IC card, bring it as close to the scanner as possible.