The 25 hour lift ticket offers amazing value and unrivalled flexibility! Enjoy exploring Rusutsu Resort in hourly increments throughout the winter season.

This convenient lift ticket allows access to the ski area in 1 hour increments and can be used on any day during the current season. We hope guests take advantage of this flexible new way to enjoy Rusutsu.

What’s a 25-hour lift ticket?

A 25 hour ticket provides access to the lifts in 25, one hour increments. When a user passes through the first IC lift ticket gate 1 hour is initially deducted from the lift ticket with users free to access any lift for the next 60 mins. 24 hours will be remaining on the ticket. After 60 mins have elapsed if the user passes through another IC gate a further hour will be deducted from the lift ticket. A total of 25 hours can be enjoyed throughout the winter season by purchasing this pass.

For example, if a guest purchases a 25 hour ticket and passes through the first IC gate at 09:00, their pass will be deducted one hour. From this point, passholders can access all IC gates until 09:59. At 10:00, the passholder may still be on the lift, skiing, or snowboarding. Therefore, if a guest next passes through an IC gate at 10:20, they will be deducted a further 1 hour from this time. Guests once again can access all IC gates until 11:19. The time when a guest passes through the IC gate determines the time from which the hour will be deducted.

Once a guest has passed through the IC gate it will likely take additional time to ride the lift and ski and snowboard to the base area. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy more than 1 hour of skiing/snowboarding with this ticket.

Also, 25 hour lift ticket passholders can rest easy as the lifts which return guests to the base area are free of charge (Across No.1, Across No.2, East Gondola No.1 & Tower Pair).

Great value and flexibility!

This flexible lift ticket allows users to enjoy the ski area at their own pace which results in far better value for customers.

・The hourly rate for a 25 hour ticket is only 1,200 JPY
・If used for 3 hours per day, users can enjoy up to 8 days (3,600 JPY × 8)
・If used for 5 hours per day, users can enjoy up to 5 days (6,000 JPY × 5)

→When compared to the standard 5 hour ticket (10,000 JPY) the 25 hour ticket can be used for 5 hours X 5 times, during the season, saving 4,000 JPY per day or 20,000 JPY in total (Save 40%).

This pass is a great option for guests who get tired after a few runs or guests who only wish to ski/snowboard fresh powder first thing in the morning. This pass offers a far greater level of flexibility for guests who wish to maximise their time on the mountain with the ability to account for adverse weather or even schedule breaks at the end of the day to maximise time on the mountain.

Additionally, for guests worried 25 hour ticket will not be enough, we also offer a 5 hour top up ticket which can be added to customers who have already purchased a 25 hour ticket. 5 hour top up tickets can be added throughout the winter season.

Purchase Location

A. Center Ticket (North Wing GF)
B. West Ticket (In front of Highland Lodge)
C. East Ticket (In front of East Center Station)
D. Online Ticket (Click on the link)


25-hour ticket

Adults (Ages 19-64): 30,000 JPY
Senior (Ages 65+): 25,000 JPY
Students (Ages 13-18): 25,000 JPY
Children (Ages 4-12): 15,000 JPY

Top-up 5-hour ticket

Adults (Ages 19-64): 5,500 JPY
Senior (Ages 65+): 4,500 JPY
Students (Ages 13-18): 4,500 JPY
Children (Ages 4-12): 2,500 JPY


Scheduled for 25/11/2023(Sat.) – 31/03/2024(Sun.)
*Please note that this cannot be carried over to the following season.

Enjoy this excellent value and flexible ticket which can be used throughout the winter season. Enjoy exploring the ski area at your own pace for as long or as short as you choose. We look forward to welcoming you to Rusutsu Resort.

Enjoy the Rusutsu Ski Area at your own pace with this flexible lift ticket

The 25 hour lift ticket allows users to enjoy the ski area for only ¥1,200, per hour & this ticket can be used throughout the winter season. Please take advantage of this lift ticket to experience Rusutsu Resort in a more flexible style. We look forward to welcoming you.

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