Safety Management for Gondolas and Lifts

Rusutsu Resort has gained approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to operate lifts and gondolas under the Railway Business Act.
As stipulated by Article 2.3 of the Safety Control Rules under the Railway Business Act (revised in 2006), Rusutsu Resort is required to report the results of all safety initiatives and other safety information in a safety report. Throughout the year, we will make every effort to maintain all lifts and gondolas in a proper and safe working condition. On this page, we will disclose the details of our efforts to secure safety on all the cableway facilities owned by Rusutsu Resort.

Equipment that can be worn/carried on gondolas and lifts

  • Skis
  • Snowboard (*1)
  • Mini-skis (*1)
  • Snow Scoot (*1)
  • Chair Ski (*1)
  • Snow Moto (*1)
  • Swaky (*1)
  • Snow Feet (*1)
  • Air Board (*2)

*1: Leashes required
*2: Can only be used on the East Mt. East Vivaldi Course, can only be taken onto the East No. 1 and No. 2 Gondola.

Safety Management for Amusement Park

As for the entertainment facilities in Rusutsu Resort, we follow the instruction manual and inspect the facilities for about an hour before the park opens. Furthermore, since the park operates only during summer, we conduct a periodic overhaul (e.g., dismantlement or inspection for flaws in axles) during the off-season in winter. If any defective part is detected, we replace the part with a new one regardless of its service life.
During operation, facilities are being constantly inspected for any subtle abnormalities such as noise or vibration. If any abnormality is detected, no matter how subtle it is, we immediately halt the operation and make sure the facility’s safety before putting it back into service.
While adhering to the JIS standard and the instructions from relevant ministries and agencies, we take responsibility as a corporation and make every effort to ensure safety so that customers can enjoy our facilities free of care. We look forward to welcoming you all.

Drone Flights

Drone flights and filming with them are not permitted in the controlled areas of Rusutsu Resort. If you are from a journalistic or media organization and wish to fly drones or film with them, please submit a flight plan and a safety management form in advance. You may only fly drones or film with them after gaining our permission.

Food Allergy Requirements

At our restaurants, we are committed to welcoming customers with food allergies and special dietary requirements to enjoy meals prepared in a safe, secure environment. When making a hotel reservation, please inform us of any allergy requirements and our specialist dietician will ensure a suitable meal is prepared (if you wish to dine at restaurants other than the buffet-style restaurant, please get in touch with us at least 1 week before the date of dining).

Points to Note Regarding Food Allergy Requirements

1. Rusutsu staff will use all reasonable efforts to prevent the introduction of allergens in the food preparation and handling process. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that allergens will be completely eliminated.
2. We check the ingredients used in meals based on information provided by our food suppliers.
3. Please be aware that all food is prepared in the same kitchen and cooked with the same cooking utensils. And dishes are typically cleaned in the same dishwashers. Although we take meticulous care in cleaning and sterilizing, please understand that a small possibility of contamination may exist.
4. We may have to decline to serve meals to customers with serious food-allergy symptoms by necessity.
5. At our buffet-style restaurant, Oktoberfest, seven specific raw materials (wheat flour, egg, milk, shrimp/prawns, crab, peanut, and buckwheat flour) as well as seven food items, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish, shellfish and alcohol, are clearly displayed on the labels.
Please be aware that these labels merely indicate whether a meal includes any specific raw material(s); they do not guarantee that the meal does not include any specific raw material(s) not displayed on the labels.
Please be advised that all customers with food allergy and dietary requirements should understand the above and ultimately use their discretion to make an informed decision whether or not to eat at one of our restaurants.


Article 1 Purpose

1. At Rusutsu Resort, regarding skiing and other sports and activities on the snow, we abide by the rules and regulations stipulated below. All other items not stated in the following stipulation comply with Japanese law and follow the rules and regulations governing the Japan Ski Safety Standards (revised in August 1994) and local customs.

2. The person who can not approve hereinafter the following articles skiing in this ski resort is prohibited.

Article 2 Notice

1. At Rusutsu Resort we continue to take all appropriate measures to protect skiers from undue, unnecessary and unreasonable hazards, including those created by skier conduct, excess and attitude. Observe the code listed below and share with other skiers and boarders the responsibility for a great experience.
 (1) You are aware that skiing (The word ‘ski’ applies to ‘snowboard’ for snowboarders. It is also applicable to other snow sliding equipment) has following specific hazards, which you should avoid at your attention.
  (A) Risks which may be caused by weather conditions such as snow/wind/fog.
  (B) Risks which may be caused by variation in terrain such as cliffs/bumps.
  (C) Risks which may be caused by snow conditions such as surface or sub-surface snow/avalanche.
  (D) Risks which may be caused by natural objects such as rocks/trees/other natural objects.
  (E) Risks which may be caused by man-made objects such as lift facilities/buildings/snow vehicles.
  (F) Risks which may be caused by contact with other skiers.
  (G) Risks which may be caused by skiers’ own negligence.
 (2) Do not ski in areas not within the boundaries of the resort. Do not ski on runs that have been determined closed.
 (3) Keep a protective eye on your children at all times.
 (4) At Rusutsu Resort we will not accept responsibility for accidents or injuries suffered by people who do not follow the rules and regulations stipulated in this notice and the following articles.

Article 3 Rules & Regulations

1. By accepting and using the facilities at Rusutsu Resort , you will be agreeing to the following rules.
 (1) Don’t threaten or injure other skiers.
 (2) Always stay in control suitable for variation in terrain, weather condition, snow condition, skill, the status of congestion or physical condition and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects. Skiers shall be the sole judges of the limits of their skill and their ability to meet and overcome the inherent risks of skiing and shall maintain reasonable control of speed and course.
 (3) People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
 (4) Skiers shall not overtake any other skier except in such a manner as to avoid contact and shall grant the right of way to overtaken skiers.
 (5) Skiers shall look uphill and yield to other skiers when entering a trail or starting downhill.
 (6) Skiers must not stop where they obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above. Do your best to clear the course after a fall.
 (7) When walking up hill or down hill or resting, please stay to the sides of the course.
 (8) Skiers must wear retention straps or other devices to prevent runaway skis and equipment.
 (9) Observe all posted signs and warnings. Skiers shall abide by the directions and instructions of the ski area operators and ski patrol.
 (10) Skiers, when involved in a skiing accident, shall not depart from the ski area without leaving their names and addresses if reasonably possible.

Article 4 Users Responsibilities

1. At Rusutsu Resort, we have the right to demand the compensation for any loss or damage sustained by skiers as a result of their negligence of the rules and regulations stipulated above.

2. At Rusutsu Resort we will accept no responsibility for accidents or injuries suffered by people who do not follow the rules and regulations.
Anyone who skis in a way which endangers their own safety, or the safety of others around them, will be held solely responsible and liable.

3. In case of an accident caused by the skiers’ negligence of the rules and regulations stipulated in the article 2-1(2), when they ski in areas not within the boundaries of the resort, we, independently or in cooperation with local authorities, will send a rescue party after we receive an SOS call from the skiers.
 After the rescue is completed, we will clarify the contents of labor costs related to search and rescue, snow equipment costs, cableway operation costs, lighting and electricity costs, and other expenses to be paid.

4. At Rusutsu Resort, We are not responsible for the theft of skis, snowboards as well as other new snow sliding equipment in our controlled areas, as well as in the parking lot.
 However, we will accept liability for, but only to the extent of, any loss or damage sustained by you as a result of our negligence or that of our employees.

Supplementary Regulations
Additional Clause The above went into effect August 24, 2004.