Run in Rusutsu! 5 recommended Running Courses around Rusutsu Resort

Rusutsu Resort has many recommended trails perfect for runners. Trails are located both in the resort and in the local surrounding areas. Below we will introduce five of our favorite running trails.

[Rusutsu Trail] Three unique interconected running courses

Rusutsu Trail is located on West Mt. behind the amusement park. This interconnected trail network opened three years ago under the supervision of SALOMON. There are three different courses that can be used for either trail running or a gentle walk in the forest.

Rusutsu Trail

Forest Trail – Trekking course (1.4km one way)

The “Trekking Course” is our most popular course as it provides a rejuvenating natural course surrounded by dense forest. While the distance is only 1.4KM (one way) the unpaved dirt trail provides a real sense of nature as you run.

View Route – Summit Walk course (1.7km)

This course circles around the 715-meter summit of West Mt with a total distance of 1.7km. The course has a gentle gradient, with no steep ascents or descents, perfect for a relaxing walk to enjoy the scenery. On a clear day, experience beautiful panoramic views of Mt. Yotei, Mt. Shiribetsu, the Niseko ski area, and Lake Toya.

Refresh Jogging Loop – Jogging Course (1.5km)

This is a 1.5km jogging loop around hotel and a large grassy field next to the amusement park.

If you run combine the three Rusutsu Trail courses, you can expereince a varied course of approximately 6km.

Rusutsu Resort – Rusutsu Village Course

Rusutsu Resort is located along Route 230, which leads from Sapporo to Lake Toya, and is renowned for its spectacular scenery. This running course, departs from Rusutsu Resort towards Lake Toya. This section of Route 230 is straight with large, wide pavements, making it perfect for runners.

Rusutsu Resort ⇒ Michi no Eki roadside station Course (Total 5km)

Depart from Rusutsu Resort along Route 230 towards Lake Toya. The section of the course is approximately 2KM and features a gentle downhill gradient. After 2KM you will reach “Michi no Eki 230 Rusutsu” (Roadside Station 230).

Just behind the roadside station is “Rusutsu Furusato Park,” a recommended spot with a very scenic view. Run about 1km while strolling in the park, and then return to the hotel, which is about 5km round trip.

Rusutsu Resort ⇒ Rusutsu Village Hall ⇒ Farm Road Course (Total 10km)

While running along Route 230 towards Lake Toya, after passing the roadside station continue until you reach the center of Rusutsu village. Beyond the village, you will find an almost endless amount fields with a picturesque, peaceful Japanese landscape.

It is fun to imagine what crops are growing while running beside the farmland.

Finally, when entering Rusutsu village, you can either continue running along Route 230 towards Lake Toya Toya, turn right towards Makkari village. It is possible to create your own scenic course depending on your desired course length. Please use a map application on your smartphone to sect your perfect route.

You may have previously visited Rusutsu to enjoy golf or the amusement park. However, runners will also love Rusutsu. This could be the perfect location for some marathon training.