Experience Snow Sauna and Snow Igloo BBQ at Rusutsu Add to the Memories of Winter Tourism in Hokkaido

Rusutsu Resort is currently the best time to ski and play in the snow. In addition to skiing, we also recommend the fun snow experience program in Rusutsu Resort.

Experience a real sauna on the snow field!

The tent of the snow tent sauna is made of three layers of insulating fabric, and depending on how much burning wood is added, the temperature inside the tent can be as high as 120°C, which can make you sweat.

Inside the sauna, water is poured over the heated sauna stones to produce steam, thus promoting sweating.

One option for snow tent saunas is the sauna snowball, which is unique to snow country. Unlike water, snowballs slowly melt over a period of time, with the steam rising gradually. The scent of the snowball comes from the Finnish sauna brand RENTO’s sauna fragrance. There are two scents to choose from: birch and eucalyptus.

Sauna Snowball 500 yen
*Option, please order separately.

After sweating a lot in the snow tent sauna, jump into the fluffy powder snow instead of immediately going to the spa!

An air bath in a snow igloo is also the ultimate snow country experience. Surrounded by snow, the snow igloo is quieter and warmer than outside, making it the ideal place for an outdoor air bath. We remind you not to forget to hydrate.

On sunny days, outdoor loungers are also available. When you’re done, you can head to the Westin Rusutsu Spa to warm up. Sauna suit rental is included in the price, so you don’t need to bring a change of clothes, making the experience extremely convenient.

Sauna supplies are also available at the Owners Shop on the first floor of the Westin. The original sauna hats are available in five colors.

Sauna Hat  2800 yen

Experience a sumptuous lunch in a snow igloo that is only available in snow country!

The next thing we would like to recommend to you is the ‘Kamakura’ Igloo BBQ. A grilled lamb lunch with ‘Yotei Lamb’ straight from the Rusutsu Farm and local vegetables.

The dipping sauce used for the grilled lamb is made from the aronia fruit produced in the farm. Slightly purplish color and sweetness perfectly match with meat and vegetables.

The tables and chairs configured in the snow igloo are custom-made. The tables and chairs are mainly made of wood from Hokkaido. The round benches that match the tables make it easy for small children to sit around with adults. The log chairs are made of wood from Rusutsu Resort. Even for those who live in Hokkaido, enjoying grilled lamb in a snow igloo is a rare and precious experience. If you come all the way to Hokkaido, don’t miss out on this sumptuous lunch experience in a snow igloo!

Enjoy the HOT experience that you can only get in Rusutsu in winter!

Snow tent sauna and barbecue are only available for a limited time 07/01/2023(Sat.) – 05/3/2023(Sun.). Reservations will be accepted until 13:00 the day before the date of use. How can you easily pass up this kind of experience that adds to the memories of your winter trip to Hokkaido?

Snow Tent Sauna

“Kamakura” Igloo BBQ