Rusutsu Ru・Nonno Flower Road Guide: Summer Vacation in Hokkaido with these Fragrant Flowers

Hanami (flower viewing) is one of the popular selling points of Japanese tourism, and Rusutsu Resort is no exception. The resort, which is free of summer heat, is an ideal environment for plant growth thanks to its special topography and the water resources that melt the snow that accumulates in winter.

For those who have been skiing at Rusutsu Resort, you will know that behind the Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention, at the foot of the west mountain, there are vast slopes, and in the summer those areas become a sea of flowers and plants. Since this summer, the flowers and plants scattered in those areas have been unified and named “Ru・Nonno Flower Road”, and the five major photo spots along the way are blooming with various seasonal flowers, making them popular photo spots.

Ru・Nonno Flower Path: A healing flower path for walking and taking pictures

In the Ainu word “Ru-Nonno”, “Ru” means “road” and “Nonno” means “flower”. The 1.5-kilometer-long circular walkway takes about 20 minutes to walk one by one.

If you are staying at the Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention, you can walk on the flower path right outside, breathing in the pure air, bathing in the intoxicating mountain breeze, smelling the refreshing fragrance of flowers, and strolling on the flower path, your body and mind will be relaxed.

If you are staying at the Westin Hotel, you need to take the monorail to reach the opposite slope.

Guide to the 6 Flower Areas: Seasonal Flowers are the Fragrant companions for your Hokkaido’s Journey

Flower Beds & Paint Feature: a masterpiece of flowers and plants setting in the lawn

In the “Sun Sun Field” lawn, there are flower beds that looks like paint poured out of an overturned paint tube. Visitors can enter the lawn to take pictures, so be sure to think of a picture to match the flowers.

Best time to visit: mid-June – late September

Annabel Hill: a flowering hydrangea garden

Have you heard of Annabelle? Annabelle is a deciduous shrub of the Zingiberaceae family and is a popular gardening species that can withstand the cold and heavy snow of Hokkaido. It is often used as a dried flower, and its cute little petals are a distinctive feature. The flowering season in Hokkaido is from July to September.

This site has the largest size and number of cultivated Annabelle in the resort. The spectacular landscape is sure to captive visitors’ eyes.

Best time to see: mid-July – late September

Lavender fields: smiles and the scent of flowers are always trying to heal every visitor

The lavender, which grows in clusters on the hills, will do its best to make visitors smile and release its healing fragrance during the short flowering period.

Best time to see: early to mid-July

Annabelle Garden: A magical garden under a giant screen

Remember the giant screen projection you saw while skiing? At the foot of the glass curtain wall, a large area of blooming Annabel’s are competing for their smiles. The location is perfect, and blooming flowers are in full, so it’s a must-see spot.

Best time to visit: mid-July – mid-September

Hana Mori Potage: Enjoy the flowers when riding a horse

‘Potage’ comes from the French word ‘Potager’ (to mix) and allows you to enjoy a variety of flowers, including herbs, vegetables and plants in a compact space.

Best time to visit : early June – late September

Animal Area: Enjoy the idyllic scenery in the Resort

A miniature ranch is filled with idyllic scenery, where flocks of sheep and ponies are munching on the grass leisurely. You can enjoy the flowers and grasses as far as the eye can see, and you can also try feeding the horses in the miniature ranch, and maybe catch the sheep dog show that is held for a limited time.

Best time to visit: mid-June to early October

As the largest mountain resort in Hokkaido, the summer season in Rusustu is full of excitement, with flowers, golf, amusement parks, mountain biking, trail running, nature walks, and other outdoor activities that are beneficial to the body and mind. We warmly welcome you to come and spend your vacation this summer.

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