Stay Rusutsu and Visit Toyako Onsen Town Maybe the Best Style

Rusutsu has an excellent location and is surrounded by several famous destinations. One of them is Toyako Onsen town.

It takes only about 30 minutes to drive along the national road from Rusutsu to Lake Toya onsen town.

For hotels in Toyako, summer is the peak season and rooms are often hard to book. If you change your mind about your hotel, stay at a relatively affordable hotel in Rusutsu, and travel all over Lake Toya, you will get a higher cost-performance trip.

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New Travel Style of Toyako: Stay in Rusutsu and visit Toyako

Rusutsu and Toyako are neighbors. It is only 30 kilometers from the resort hotel to Toyako Onsen Street, it only takes about 30 minutes by car from Rusutsu to it.

In summer, some outdoor programs such as horseback riding and mountain bike riding are done in Lake Toya.

For those who like to ride horses, follow the guide through the dense forest route and experience the dynamic scenery of Lake Toya from the back of a horse.

Horseback Riding Toyako Course

For those who like mountain bike riding, the riding route of about 25 kilometers from Rusutsu to Toyako is recommended. Along the way, you will experience the changing scenery as you climb uphill, cross-country sections, and fast downhill sections.

Mountain Bike Toyako Course

Public Transportation: Touring the two destinations by bus

In addition to participating in the outdoor programs described above, visitors can also take a public bus to Toyako.

Take the “Sapporo Toyako Line” operated by the Dounan Bus Company, which stops right next to the entrance of the resort hotel. There are four stops at 12:04, 16:04, 18:14, and 19:04 JST, and the arrival times at the “Toyako Onsen” stop are 12:50, 16:50, 19:00, and 19:50.

For the return trip, the departure time from Toyako Onsen is 7:05, 9:30, 12:10 and 17:10, and the arrival time at Rustsu Resort Hotel is 7:47, 10:11, 12:51, and 17:51.

If you choose the 12:04 departure from the resort, and take the 17:10 bus to return, you will be able to visit Toyako in 5 hours.

Please note that reservations for the “Sapporo Toyako Line” must be made in advance, no later than 2 hours before taking the bus. Reservations can be made through the website of the Dounan Bus. If you have trouble making a reservation during your stay, you can ask for help at the INFORMATION desk.

This summer, whether you are bringing your children for summer vacation, or a graduation trip to Hokkaido, staying at Rusutsu and moving to Toyako is a good choice.

Hotel reservation: Staying at Rusutsu and moving around Lake Toya