Enjoy An Elegant Moment at The Ski Resort. A Pairing Menu with Champagne "Bollinger" for A Limited Time Starting 24/02/2024.

Starting from 24/02/2024, we will be offering a special lunch menu and à la carte menu for a limited time to enjoy pairing with high quality champagnes from the French champagne house Bollinger. Additionally, on 24/02/2024 and 25/02/2024, there will be a tasting event hosted by Mr. Tomohiko Shinho, the brand ambassador of Champagne Bollinger.

While enjoying skiing on the slopes surrounded by snowy landscapes, we invite you to indulge in the rich flavors of Champagne, offering a special experience. Join us for a luxurious and unforgettable moment with Champagne Bollinger.

Pairing lunch With Bollinger Champagne

At the restaurant “Belle Vue” with a panoramic view of the slopes, you can indulge in the lunch menu paired with Bollinger Champagne, featuring the saltiness of Jamón Serrano and Mortadella, and the fruity flavor of the kumquat. The pairing of juicy hamburg steak and, Bollinger Champagne which is mainly Pinot Noir and has a clear structure, will surely leave a lasting impression on you as a high-quality experience.

[Date and Time]
February 24, 25 / March 2, 3
11:30 – 14:00

Restaurant Belle Vue (Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention South Wing 4F)

Bollinger Pairing Lunch : 5,000 JPY (tax included)

1 glass of Bollinger Special Cuvée / Jamón Serrano / Mortadella and kumquat salad / Hamburg steaksimmered lightly with onion and apple sauce / Special dessert / Bread/Coffee

à la carte Menus Paired With “Bollinger”.

At each restaurant in the resort, until 30/03/2024, you can enjoy a variety of pairing menus with Bollinger Champagne. Indulge in the wonderful moments with Bollinger Champagne, adding a special touch to your moments.

The Westin Rusutsu Resort

[All-day Dining Atrium]
Enjoy the collaboration that transcends borders between the local ingredients of Rusutsu and the meticulously aged Bollinger Champagne.
・Penne with minced Rusutsu pork and mushrooms : 2,600 JPY
※Set price: Half-size and Bollinger (glass) set price : 4,000 JPY

・Hokkaido Niscko Mozzarella Chcese Capresc : 2,100 JPY
※Set price: Half-size and Bollinger (glass) set price : 3,800 JPY

[Japanese Restaurant Kazahana]
・[February] Sashimi Local rockfish “Soi” : 1,600 JPY
・[March] Sashimi Local flounder : 1,600 JPY

Rusutsu Resort Hotel Convention

[Pub Cricket]
・Assorted Appetizers (3 varieties) : 1,650 JPY
(Mushroom Quiche, Oil sardines, Smoked duck)

[Steak & Seafood Belle Vue]
・Seafood Platter 26,400 JPY

[Chinese Food Kanten]
・Tofu with Preserved Eggs : 2,800 JPY

[Izakaya Kakashi]
・Sashimi of Hokkaido Octopus (February) : 2,300 JPY
・Kombu-cured Hokkaido Atka mackerel (March) : 2,300 JPY

[Neve Café ]
・Classic Chocolate Cake : 600 JPY
・Open sandwich with Hokkaido cream cheese and smoked salmon : 1,000 JPY

[Mongolian Style BBQ Lamp House]
・Assorted Hokkaido Furano Wagyu beef (3 varieties) : 5,800 JPY

[Hokkaido Buffet Oktoberfest]
・Quattro Formaggio pizza

[Ski Area Cafeteria Isola 2000]
・Sushi Donut : 600 JPY

Bollinger Champagne Tasting Event

On 24/2 and 25/2 , there will be a tasting event with Mr. Tomohiko Shinhō, the brand ambassador for Bollinger Champagne, held for two days only. Enjoy the world of Bollinger to the fullest in this luxurious moment surrounded by snow-covered landscapes. Experience the charm of Champagne as Mr. Shinhō shares his insights into Bollinger Champagne.

[Date and Time ・ Location]
・24/02/2024  15:00 – 16:30  All-day Dining Atrium (The Westin Rusutsu Resort)
・25/02/2024  14:00 – 16:00  Front of Pub Cricket (Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention)

Glass (approximately 60ml)
・Bollinger Tasting Flight (3 varieties) : 4,000 JPY
・Bollinger Special Cuvée : 1,000 JPY
・Bollinger Rosé : 1,500 JPY
・PN AYC18 : 2,500 JPY

※Prices include tax

Product Information

[Bollinger Special Cuvée]
Special Cuvée is composed of over 85% Grand and Premier crus of the three main Champagne varieties: 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay and 15% Meunier. A golden colour, distinctive of black grape varieties, very fine bubbles, and a beautiful aromatic complexity. A subtle combination of structure, length and vivacity; bubbles like velvet; pear, brioche and spicy aromas, notes of fresh walnut.

[Bollinger Rosé]
Bollinger Rosé falls within the same vein as Special Cuvée, with its spiced notes. Bollinger Rosé is an assembly of over 85% Grand and Premier crus. It is made up of 62% Pinot Noir, 24% Chardonnay and 14% Meunier. The red wine acts as an agent of style, with an addition of just 5 to 6% given its power. It’s a masterpiece that can be enjoyed in all four seasons and across all food genres.

[PN AYC18]
The PN AYC18 offers a new vision of Maison Bollinger’s mastery of this grape variety. As the fourth edition of Bollinger PN, PN AYC 18 is a champagne with a distinct style that showcases the specificities of the Aÿ terroir, the principal cru in the blend, made predominantly from the 2018 base year. Serious, understated and rich, beautifully expansive with a finish full of confit citrus which enhances the wine’s freshness.

About Champagne Bollinger

Bollinger is a long-established maison founded in 1829 in the village of Ay in the Champagne region, known as the premium terroir for Pinot Noir. Traditional manufacturing methods and the barrel craftsman, the only exclusive cooper in the Champagne region ensure the high quality. In 1884, the Royal Warrant was given by Queen Victoria as a purveyor to the British.