The 2024-25 season K-Winter Pass on sale from 06/03/2024(Wed.).

The K-Winter Pass for the 2024-25 season on sale from 06/03/2024(Wed.).
*Due to popular demand, the Premium and Gold Pass was sold out.

Reserve your KWP in advance to secure a great deal and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount!

Purchase or reserve (deposit required) a KWP during the Early Bird Discount’ period 06/03/2024(Wed.) – 03/11/2024(Sun.) to receive an additional special benefits.

Get a meal voucher as an Early Purchase Benefits!

Customers who purchase (or use the Purchase Reservation System) 06/03/2024(Wed.) – 06/05/2024(Mon.) will receive a meal voucher worth 10,000 JPY as an ‘Early Purchase Benefit’.

Get a discount as a Repeater Benefit!

If you buy a KWP for the 2023–24 season, you’ll be able to buy a KWP for the 2024–25 season at a discount as a “Repeater” benefit.
The discount applies regardless of your grade (for example, even if your plan for last year was Standard and you are applying for Gold this year, the discount still applies).

Get a discount as Repeater Introduction Benefits!

If you buy a KWP for the first time and have been introduced by a repeater who bought the 2023–24 KWP, you will receive a discount.
*To receive the benefit when you buy a KWP, you need the repeater’s 2023–24 membership number.



[Sales Period]
・Early Bird Discount Price : 06/03/2024(Wed.) – 03/11/2024(Sun.)
・Standard Price : 04/11/2024(Mon.) – the end of the winter season