Rusutsu Riders: The Revolutionary Game App Embarks on An Exhilarating Adventure at Rusutsu Resort!

Kamori Kanko and CC Zero Games are excited to unveil “Rusutsu Riders”, a revolutionary app transforming your experience at Rusutsu Resort. Launching on 27/1/2024, this app is now available on iOS and via the web. Rusutsu Riders is not just a game app. It’s an immersive game based on a real ski resort, aiming to escalating your winter experience at Rusutsu Resort.

The iOS version is available from 27/1/2024, and the Android version is scheduled to launch around 3/2024. It is available in both Japanese and English. We also offer a web version for trial play.



Dynamic 3D Map! Play for Free

Rusutsu Riders reproduces the 3D map of all courses at Rusutsu Resort Ski Area. You can experience realistic terrain through the app. Enjoy the game for free with your mobile device and an internet connection. In-app purchases for unique characters are available as well.

Challenge the Daily Ranking and Get the Gift Ticket at Rusutsu

Every day at 9:00 AM, there will be the daily rankings based on scores within the past 24 hours. Users staying at the Rusutsu Resorts ranked in the top 1 to 20 in the daily leaderboard will receive electronic coupons. These coupons can be exchanged for “Rusutsu Riders Gift Tickets” at designated locations in Rusutsu Resort.

[Types of Electronic Coupons]
・1,000yen redemption coupon (For users ranked 1st)
・500yen redemption coupon (For users ranked 2nd to 20th)

[Redemption Locations]
・North Front (North Wing 2F)
・South Front (South Wing 1F)
・Information (North Wing GF)

・Scores will be reset after the daily ranking is announced.
・Electronic coupons for Rusutsu Riders Gift Ticket will only be issued for the 2023-24 winter season.
・Electronic coupons will be automatically deleted if not redeemed within 7 days of issuance.
・Please follow the instructions in the app and from the staff when redeeming electronic coupons.
・Rusutsu Riders Gift Tickets can be used at designated locations within Rusutsu Resort.
・The validity period of Rusutsu Riders Gift Tickets is until 31/3/2024.

Take A Try of the Game Within Rusutsu Resort

iPads are set at four locations at the Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention. Please feel free to experience and enjoy the excitement of the game.

・In front of North Front (North Wing 2F)
・Daniel Street (South Wing 1F)
・In front of South Front (South Wing 1F)
・Highland Lodge Horn (South Wing 2F)

Kalle Wik from CC Zero Games

“Rusutsu Riders merges the thrill of skiing and snowboarding with innovative technology, offering an unparalleled experience at Rusutsu Resort. We’re delighted to bring a slice of Rusutsu Resort’s magic to users globally, making the mountain experience more accessible and engaging.”

President Hisatake Kamori from Kamori Kanko

“This collaboration for Rusutsu Riders aligns perfectly with our ethos of offering unique, immersive experiences to our guests. We’re delighted to introduce the Rusutsu Riders app, a digital leap forward from traditional paper maps. This innovation not only elevates our guests’ experience by providing real-time, tailored information and offers but also significantly advances our commitment to sustainability. By reducing our reliance on paper, we are taking a conscious step towards preserving our environment. The app’s personalized features allow us to customise experiences and offers uniquely suited to each visitor, ensuring a memorable and eco-friendly stay at Rusutsu Resort.”

CCZero Games

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CC Zero Games crafts unique gaming experiences by incorporating art from the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) and public domain into their independent titles. By weaving CC0 art into their games, CC Zero Games not only enriches their visuals but also embodies a commitment to open-source creativity and fosters a culture of innovation and collaborative artistry within the gaming sector.

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