Aroma Treatment Averara Aroma Treatment Averara

Aroma Treatment Averara

― The Westin Rusutsu Resort 2F ―

Mind, body and skin. A time of exquisite healing with 100% natural aroma oils.

An all-hand treatment using 100% natural aroma oils extracted from plants. Enjoy a moment of relaxation not only with a comfortable treatment, but also with the fragrance and efficacy of the aroma of your choice.

“Deep breathing

“Deep breathing" with a pleasant, high-quality fragrance

Deep breathing calms down your tension and releases stress from your mind and body. We will select the most suitable essential oil from 100% natural aroma oils extracted from plants such as flowers, leaves, peels, fruits, roots, and seeds, based on your preferences and concerns.

Body treatment. Deep relaxation with the utmost comfort and rich aroma

Body treatment. Deep relaxation with the utmost comfort and rich aroma

We blend plant-derived treatment oils with essential oils selected through counseling. This treatment will relieve deep-seated stiffness, muscle tension, and swelling. This treatment will promote the flow of lymph and blood circulation in every nook and cranny. Experience the ultimate relaxation that will loosen your body and mind.

Foot Treatment

Foot Treatment

Aroma-scented foot bath warms the feet below the knees, followed by an oil treatment. Exfoliated skin will be softened and become moist and smooth. This treatment is ideal for tired and fatigued muscles after traveling or sports activities.

  • Location

    The Westin Rusutsu Resort 2F

  • Operating Period
    • Winter Season
      • 02/05/2024(Thu.) - 19/10/2024(Sat.)
      • 15:00 - 23:00
  • Remarks

    Closed day
    Wednesdays *Scheduled to be open on 07/08/2024, 14/08/2024.

    ・Body Treatment
    From your neck to your feet with Oil treatment. (The Esthetic bed. Need a change of clothes)
    [60 mins] 23,000 JPY
    [90 mins] 34,000 JPY
    [120 mins] 39,600 JPY
    [Extension] 10 mins, 2,500 JPY

    ・Head Treatment
    Aroma spray is used for the head, and oil is used for the décolleté and shoulders. (The esthetic chair. Need a change of upper clothes)
    [40 mins] 14,000 JPY
    [60 mins] 19,000 JPY
    [Extension] 10 mins, 1,800 JPY

    ・Foot Treatment
    An oil treatment after warming the legs in a foot bath. (The esthetique chair. Need a change of lower clothes)
    [40 mins] 12,000 JPY (Includes 10-minute foot bath)
    [60 mins] 18,000 JPY (Includes 10-minute foot bath)
    [Extension] 10 mins, 1,800 JPY

    ・Hand treatment
    Oil treatment from elbow to fingertips. (Esthetique chair use. No change of clothes)
    [30 min] 7,500 JPY
    [Extension] 10 mins, 1,800 JPY

    Guest Relations or Front Office
    ・If you arrive late for your appointment, the treatment time may be shortened or you may not be able to receive the treatment.
    ・The price includes consumption tax.

    Cancellation Policy
    No charges for cancellations made by the day before.
    Same-day cancellation: 50% cancellation fee.
    No-show: 100% cancellation fee.

    Late Arrival Policy
    If you anticipate being late for your reserved time, please contact us promptly. If you are more than 15 minutes late from the reserved time, we regret to inform you that it may be treated as a cancellation.

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