Relaxation Room Relaxation Room

Relaxation Room

― Rusutsu Resort Hotel North Wing 6F ―

Near by Rusutsu Onsen - Kotobuki. It helps to release tight muscles and relax your mind and body.

After a round of golf or skiing, or when you are tired from traveling. Please enjoy an unwinding time in the relaxation room next to "Rusutsu Onsen Kotobuki-no-Yu".

Body Care

Body Care

The best treatment for your neck, shoulders, back, arms, lumbar area, legs, etc., based on your body's condition. We recommend the 60-minute course for a full body massage. It is more effective if you warm your body in a hot spring bath.

Foot Care

Foot Care

Gentle foot massage from the knees down to the soles of the feet with oil. This massage will gently massage tired feet after skiing or golfing and is also good for those who are concerned about swollen or cold feet. Combination with body care is also recommended.

Comfortable place

Comfortable place

We provide treatment in a bright and relaxing space adjacent to the hot spring. If you prefer, we can also provide treatment on the first floor of The Westin Rusutsu Resort. Please inquire with our staff for details.

  • Location

    Rusutsu Resort Hotel North Wing 6F

  • Operating Period
    • Summer Season
      • 27/04/2024(Sat.) - 19/10/2024(Sat.)
      • 14:00 - 23:00
    • Winter Season
      • 02/12/2023(Sat.) - 30/03/2024(Sat.)
      • 14:00 - 23:00
  • Remarks

    Body care: 4,500 yen for 30 minutes / 5,500 yen for 40 minutes / 6,500 yen for 50 minutes / 7,500 yen for 60 minutes / 12,000 yen for 90 minutes
    Foot care: 5,000 yen for 30 minutes

    *The reception desk is open until 22:00.
    *Pregnant women are not allowed to use this service.
    *Cancellation on the day of reservation may incur a cancellation fee.
    *The above rates include consumption tax.

    Reservations Relaxation Room
    Ext. 7632 (from Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention)
    Ext. 4-7632 (from The Westin Rusutsu Resort)

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