For the first time in four years, Rusutsu's 72-hole golf courses are fully open!

The golf course at Rusutsu Resort has been in reduced operation for 3 years since 2020 due to the COVID‐19, but this season, for the first time in 4 years, all 72 holes of the 4 courses will be open. Why don’t you enjoy playing resort golf in the midst of nature full of greenery?

All courses are currneetly being diligently prepared ready for opening

The Izumikawa Course, the earliest of the four courses scheduled to open for the 2023 season, while there is some snow remaining, it is quickly melting with the course is being prepared ready for to open on the 29/04/2023(Sat.).

The Tower Course, which is directly connected to the Westin Rusutsu Resort, is currently still covered with a little snow, however the snow is melting faster than usual and it is likely to open on 03/05/2023(Wed.) as scheduled.

The River Course and Wood Course, which are due to open in mid-June, still have a lot of remaining snow, fallen trees and fallen branches. Also, currently repairs the club house are also underway preparing for the 2023 season.

Enjoy playing to your heart’s content on four stunning courses with 72 holes to enjoy!

All four courses feature different challenges but can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced golfers. Enjoy playing different courses on your holiday to enjoy a variety of holes.

Scheduled period of operation

・Izumikawa Course : 29/04/2023(Sat.) – 22/10/2023(Sun.)
・Tower Course : 03/05/2023(Wed.) – 22/10/2023(Sun.)
・River Course : 17/06/2023(Sat.) – 15/10/2023(Sun.)
・Wood Course : 17/06/2023(Sat.) – 15/10/2023(Sun.)

※Each course is closed on certain days.
※The operating period may vary depending on snow melting conditions and weather conditions.

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