2023/24 Ski Hotel Booking Tips ②: Book at least 28 Days in Advance on the Official Website and Enjoy 10% Discount

Although it’s still summer, the vacancies of winter are decreasing day by day.

The reason why you have the impression that it is hard to find a room for skiing in Hokkaido is because you have not found the right channel to book a room. Here’s the know-how to booking a room: reserve on the official site as soon as possible and get a discount also!

Early Bird Package List

Package: Early Bird 28, with ski lift pass/buffet breakfast/stay support service

The package includes ski lift ticket pass, breakfast buffet and a security service called “Stay Support Service”.

Although the name of the package is “28 days in advance”, it should not be interpreted as it is only needed to reserve 28 days in advance before your check-in, but rather as “the earlier you book, the higher possibility you can book a favorite room”.

10% Discount Package

Benefit: 10% discount

In order to thank the love of skiers, the official website of Rusutsu Resort launched a special package to enjoy a 10% discount.

Breakfast guide: buffet Oktoberfest-based

The breakfast included in the package can be eaten at the buffet restaurant of the Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention. The buffet restaurant Oktoberfest is the main restaurant, if other restaurants also provide buffet that day, you can also go to eat.

The buffet restaurant Oktoberfest is a popular restaurant with a wide variety of dishes, also providing all-you-can-eat crab.

Hokkaido Buffet Oktoberfest

Lunch guide: ramen, rice bowl or curry rice are common lunch dishes

Generally speaking, skiing lunch is served at the slop cafeterias at the foot of the slop, and a bowl of ramen, a rice bowl or curry rice are common lunch dishes.

There are 4 major slop cafeterias in Rusutsu Resort, which are open from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m..

Slop cafeterias

Dinner Guide: A wide variety of dinner options

There are 30 or so restaurants in Rusutsu Resort, including buffets, izakayas, sushi restaurants, and so on. There is plenty of room to choose from for dinner, so you can savor different types of food each day.

Some of the most popular restaurants for overseas tourists include Izakaya Kakashi, Lamp House, Sekkatei, a Japanese restaurant.

Restaurant Guide

Additional information: “Stay Support Service” security guarantee

The Stay Support Service, included in the package, is a service to ensure the safety of visitors during their stay.

This service is only available to non-Japanese residing outside of Japan, and is not available to non-Japanese with permanent residency in Japan.

Tips①: Book Flexible and Affordable Package on the Official Website