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Rare and splendid seafood, exquisite delicacies from the mountains, and fine sake are among the wide selection of menu options on offer by this casual Japanese bar and restaurant that welcomes adults and kids alike

With some of the tables featuring horigotatsu (seating that is low to the ground with a footwell for comfort) and partitions, this Japanese restaurant is ideal for casual group dining. The most popular of the various menu options are potato dishes and grilled fish. If you're dining in a group, gathering around a hot-pot cooked with seasonal ingredients will surely be an experience to treasure. Local sake and beer perfectly complement these izakaya foods.

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Dinner17:30 - 22:00
Selection of seasonal sashimi

Selection of seasonal sashimi

Rusutsu is surrounded by mountains, however only a 30 minute drive is Uchiura Bay which is renowned for seafood. Enjoy the seasonal locally sourced sashimi purchased fresh every morning from the seafood market.

Small Rice Bowls Recommendations

Small Rice Bowls Recommendations

Salmon Roe rice bowl, tuna sashimi rice bowl, mixed seafood rice bowl are all delicious options and highly recommended. For guests not feeling as hungry why not select a mini sized rice bowl. These smaller rice bowls are available with a sea urchin or salmon roe topping.

Shiretoko Japanese Black Beef 'Shabu-Shabu'

Shiretoko Japanese Black Beef 'Shabu-Shabu'

Delicious high grade black beef raised in Hokkaido’s renowned Shiretoko National Park. This black beef features natural marbling a rich which creates a deep sweet taste and succulent soft texture which melts in the mouth. This specialty beef is available for ‘Sukiyaki’ or ‘Shabu-Shabu’ menus (minimum 2 people).

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    Highland Lodge 1F

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    • Dinner 17:30 - 22:00 (L.O. 22:00)
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