Kakashi Kakashi



― Highland Lodge 1F ―

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Rare and splendid seafood, exquisite delicacies from the mountains, and fine sake are among the wide selection of menu options on offer by this casual Japanese bar and restaurant that welcomes adults and kids alike

With some of the tables featuring horigotatsu (seating that is low to the ground with a footwell for comfort) and partitions, this Japanese restaurant is ideal for casual group dining. The most popular of the various menu options are potato dishes and grilled fish. If you're dining in a group, gathering around a hot-pot cooked with seasonal ingredients will surely be an experience to treasure. Local sake and beer perfectly complement these izakaya foods.

Tax is included.

  • Autumun Fair

    Mushrooms & chestnuts in a iron pot with salmon roe ¥1,900
    Fried tofu with mushroom stock ¥700

  • Hokkaido Melon & Corn Fair

    Hokkaido melon ¥700
    Pickled melon ¥700
    Corn pizza ¥1,900

  • Monthly recommendation

    Grilled king crab ¥9,000
    Chicken skin with vinegar sauce ¥650
    Crab croquette ¥1,500
    Atka mackerel cured with kombu ¥2,300