Hokkaido Asparagus Fair in June

Rusutsu Resort will host the “Hokkaido Asparagus Fair” during 01/06/2024(Sat.) – 30/06/2024(Sun.). Rusutsu area is known for its cool climate and significant temperature differences between day and night, provides an ideal environment for growing asparagus. Enjoy the rich flavors of fresh, seasonal delicacies.

*Please note that a hotel booking or amusement park admission ticket is required to enter the Rusutsu Resort.

Hokkaido Buffet “Oktoberfest”

Asparagus and Seafood Acqua Pazza
A dish where the flavors of fish, clams, mussels, squid broth, the acidity of white wine and capers tighten the overall flavor. You can enjoy the taste of seafood and asparagus together.

Asparagus and Squid with Japanese-Style Cod Roe Pasta
A soy-sauce-based pasta featuring savory, sautéed squid and crunchy asparagus mixed with the popping texture of cod roe. It’s a guaranteed delicious dish.

Asparagus and Dry-cured Ham Caesar Salad
The Caesar dressing makes it easy to eat for those who love asparagus as well as those who are a little less fond of the vegetable. Enjoy the crunchiness of the asparagus and the saltiness of dry-cured ham.

We also offer the simple “Boiled Asparagus.” Have a try of the boiled asparagus with plenty of mayonnaise.


At breakfast, fresh asparagus will be available at the salad bar. Enjoy it with tomatoes, tuna, and onions, with your favorite dressing. We also offer a Chinese-style salad with asparagus and steamed chicken. Start your day with vegetables for a healthier body.

Rusutsu Resort Hotel North Wing 1F

At Izakaya “Kakashi,” perfect dishes for both meals and drinks

Rusutsu Pork and Asparagus Ajillo
Rusutsu pork grown locally, combined with asparagus, maitake, and shimeji mushrooms in a hot garlic oil served with baguettes. It’s perfect for both meals and as a companion to drinks.

Asparagus Wrapped in Chicken Tsukune
Asparagus wrapped in chicken tsukune and grilled. The difference in texture between the tsukune and asparagus, as well as the flavor and mild sweetness of the soy sauce, makes this dish a favorite for people of all ages.

Izakaya Kakashi
Rusutsu Resort Highland Lodge 1F

Takeout Available “Daniel Street Cafe & Pastry”

We introduce two special hotel-made breads: Spiced bamboo charcoal asparagus pizza and garlic-flavored asparagus corn mayo Danish. Enjoy your meal at the eat-in corner, or take it out to the amusement park or grassy areas under the sun. Perfect for a picnic feeling with asparagus dishes.

Daniel Street Cafe & Pastry
Rusutsu Resort Hotel South Wing 1F


With the arrival of the fresh green season, asparagus growing vigorously from the vast land is packed with nutrients. Rich in beta-carotene, vitamins C, E, B1, B2, and minerals such as potassium. Asparagus’ key component, asparagine, is an amino acid used in supplements and energy drinks, known for its effects in fatigue recovery, liver function promotion, and stamina enhancement. Enjoy the seasonal asparagus to the fullest with our original menu.