The Hokkaido Strawberry Fair taking place in May

This May, enjoy the ‘Hokkaido Strawberry Fair’, which will be held at Rusutsu Resort. Experience the sweet delicious taste of the Hokkaido spring from April 29th (Fri.) to May 31st  (Tue.). Fresh Hokkaido strawberries are be utilized in a variety of ways to create special signature menu options for the breakfast buffet, a la carte lunch, dinner buffet and special seasonal desserts.

Daniel Street Cafe & Pastry: wide variety of seasonal dishes

Located on Daniel Street, the main street of Rusutsu Resort, Café & Pastry offers a wide variety of seasonal dishes, such as Strawberry smoothies, strawberry milk, strawberry tarts with homemade custard, strawberry Mont Blanc, and many more delicious seasonal options.

Rusutsu Resort Hotel South Wing 1F

Daniel Street Cafe & Pastry

Pub Cricket: Enjoy strawberry cocktails

Pub Cricket, which was recently renovated in December 2021 now offers a wide selection of tasty local craft beers, also offers refreshing, original strawberry cocktails for a limited time only.

Rusutsu Resort Hotel South Wing 1F

Pub Cricket

All Day Dining Atrium: a variety of strawberry-based dishes

‘All Day Dining Atrium’ restaurant offer a variety of strawberry-based dishes at lunch a la carte and dinner buffet.

The Westin Rusutsu Resort 1F

All-Day Dining Atrium

Oktoberfest: Offer a limited time strawberry menu

Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy a limited time special strawberry menu at the “Oktoberfest” dinner. Special strawberry based dishes are lined up in the salad and sweets corner.

Rusutsu Resort Hotel North Wing 1F


Izakaya “Kakashi”: strawberry desserts

Izakaya “Kakashi” offers a special strawberry dessert menu until the end of May.

Highland Lodge 1F

Izakaya “Kakashi”

Please enjoy the delicious spring strawberry fair, at Rusutsu Resort.